December 03, 2021
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Show Notes

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that is the first to claim obstruction of justice in the case of the Georgia Dominion voting machines being wiped clean, just in time for certification day. On today's show, the fellas tear apart what one person in George is trying to do to obstruct justice and deny the voters of the Peach State their fair shake at choosing the next president.  Bill Wilson gives exclusive insider information as to his dealing with Dominion Voting and how his findings were proven in a Texas court. Listeners of today's show are strongly encouraged to visit for the latest information on the rotting pits in the Peach State. 

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These 11 RINO’s joined with McConnell’s Debt Ceiling sellout deal…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that enjoys a nice RINOburger or two over a long weekend.  We name names today and tell you the 11 RINOs who went along with Mitch McConnell’s debt ceiling deal which, as Lindsay Graham calls “a complete and utter sellout.” Why did the GOP fold to the democrats again? Why would RINO’s cave? Then we put the spotlight on McConnell’s leadership and why the GOP has lost its spine, leaving the liberal left to run roughshod all over Capital Hill and every Main Street throughout the country.

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Scientists exposed as liars...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that knows not to follow anyone into the bathroom. Just no. On today’s show, we go straight for the scientists and expose them and their leader (Fauci) for the frauds as they are.  We tell you the one HUGE company supplying the Clot-Shot that is done the absolutely unthinkable.  When you hear what that is, you’ll go nuts.  Then, we break down the breakdown of our society and how the left is enjoying their feeding frenzy on your liberty. We go full force into those who think it’s only conspiracy theorists who think things up – we go claim by claim and debunk those who try to debunk sound, experienced minds like your Washington Expose hosts.

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America in captivity...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that is willing to hang ten with Surfer Boy McCarthy. Today we recoil from the all-out captivity that America is under by the far left and we put into perspective what it means for you and your loved ones. Will this be part of a larger picture to involve global power around the world via globalism? What will Biden’s henchmen do now that his popularity has plummeted? Can they hold it together?

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Her grip is really fading fast...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that prefers MySpace anyway. As we watch and gather more information from the great Facebook blackout of ’21, we’re seeing massive ripples in the investment markets and scores of Gen-Z’ers with one foot out the door. We’ll be featuring a special segment on tomorrow’s show that is not to be missed.

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These RINOs gave HOW MUCH to Afghan Refugees?

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that knows what a cowardly RINO looks like. Today, we reveal the names of those RINO freaks in Congress who voted to give millions of your taxpayer dollars to Afghan refugees. You will freak out when we tell you want there are to use the cash for. Why can’t everyday Americans get the same? What’s the real reason why we’re supporting these Afghans? How will this play out in the midterms? Then we travel to Joe Manchin’s West By-God to admire how his defiance will playout in the days to come. Will his blockage prove fatal for Nancy Pelosi’s spending spree?

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Devout Commie Nominated to Control Currency

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that knows the only control a communist wants is total. Today, it’s the massive drilling Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair General Milley got on the Hill yesterday and we go through it blow by blow. In a surprising turn, Milley actually turns on his Commander-in-Chief in hopes of redemption by the American people.

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Testified: Wasn't me. Blame the feeble old man for Afghanistan...

Welcome to The Washington Expose Show, the only program in America that thought multicultural included everyone. This is a RED MEAT SHOW today folks, so get ready as we provide evidence how Biden has lied to the nation on several issues relating to Afghanistan. How did he lie? What damage has he done? Can a future Trump Administration hold him accountable? Then, it’s onto the culture war that’s taking place in America and the hypocrisy that is driving the leftist academia insane and funded by the TAX-EXEMPT Ford Foundation, Gates Foundation, along with others. We wrap up today with visual evidence of the mumbo-jumbo that is pouring out of our instates of higher learning. Viewers of today’s show are strongly encouraged to get your A1 Sauce ready.

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The Doofus-in-Chief gets his booster...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that knows not to piss off the nurses. As the disparity grows within the races in our battle-tired nation, Wilson, Ward and Clews tell you what’s behind the reason America’s streets are filled with the unemployed and drug-addled. First up is the Doofus-in-Chief gets his booster and brags all about it then goes to take a nap. Yeah, us. We reveal the secret urgency behind the backtracking the left is currently conducting – will the ’24 elections prove fatal to the democrats?

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The crumbling narrative of the delusional left…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that does not like crumbles with his country. Today, we reveal just what next in the Biden Presidential Debacle is crumbling and how you can tell desperation is starting to set in for the left. As Nancy Pelosi tries to stuff three major bills down the throats of the opposition in one week, we’re the only show to tell you exactly what the so-called republicans are doing, or not, about the whole matter and who should be branded a traitor along with Traitor Joe.

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The Biden crimes...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that is not traveling across the Rio Grande with a satchel on our heads like everyone else. Big day for news; The news is out and real, Biden is a tax frawwwwwwwwwd and the IRS has him cornered to the sum of $500,000 big ones. We report directly from what we are hearing deep within our contacts in the Nation’s Capital and what our 160 years of political experience have to say about the matter. Will this play into the midterms? Then to who and what is behind the so-called Trump/Russia thing, and you won’t believe the extent that one law firm in Washington, DC has gone to make the hoax happen. You’ll also fall to the floor when we tell you what Federal entity is involved and how it all points to Hillary’s campaign, with records to prove it. Viewers of today’s show are strongly encouraged to hop on your horse and ride until you get to the border, partner.

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The Fourth Reich exposed at the FDA...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program … wait, there’s a knock at the door, could it be the FDA in uniforms once designed by Hugo Boss? Let’s get right to the red meat; today we dig into the FDA and their edicts which give zero margins for personal liberty – how like Nazi Germany are their tactics? What recourse do everyday Americans have? How limited will your freedoms become? To the military; guess who is behind American servicemembers being booted out because they prefer not to take the jab? 

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This country just outlawed the First Amendment...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that hasn’t surrendered yet. The gang is all back and ready to rip into the latest nonsense out of the Biden Administration’s long list of failures. As Traitor Joe falls asleep during a press conference with Boris Johnson, the press is upended and rushed out of the Oval to make enough noise to wake him up. As America becomes more divided, we look to Nevada who just outlawed the First Amendment and is happy about it. Will Nevada’s action set a legal precedent under the cloak of the pandemic? Could or when will the Federal government take the same action?

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All Aboard Biden's Crazy Train!

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that suggests we hire back Nixon’s plumbers to fix our leaky border. It’s a rough start of the week for those near our Southern borders as throngs of illegals pour over it. Mexicans? Central and South Americans? Naw, not really … mostly Haitians. You heard it right and we explain exactly how and why Haitians have found passage to America through countries that make Haiti look like a 5-star resort. Yet another failure of the Biden Administration and on today’s show we point to the amateurish attempts by Traitor Joe’s communications team to suppress media exposure to the debacle in action. Did they succeed? What is the long-term impact of this latest attack on the United States? Viewers of today’s show are strongly encouraged to begin learning Haitian Creole simply because it sounds tasty.

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Singled-out Black Female...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that knows anything that comes out of Foggy Bottom is nasty. Speaking of nasty, rap artist Niki Minaj took a break from her daytime rapping job to take on the democratic party and the Biden Administration in what appears to be a chink in the liberal fascist left’s armor. Is she emerging as a hero for new freedom for Black Americans? Will this trend continue? Will we see the street-wise black community begin to rise up and say they’ve had enough oppression from their normal oppression?

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The traitor among us is …

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that isn’t afraid to tell you that traitors are among us. On today’s show, we break down how Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley betrayed his country by selling out the nuclear codes to the democrats and the Chinese. We read through the lines of the new book by Bob Woodward and to reveal some unpleasant truths about the liberal left. How did they convince the JCS Chair to go rogue yet blame it on Trump? What impact has the revelation that Milley confessed he would warn the Chinese before we attacked them? Can more traitorous activities within our military command happen and who are the likely suspects? These topics and so much more on today’s program. Listeners are strongly advised to remember the lessons of Benedict Arnold.

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