October 28, 2021
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Washington Exposé: Episode 136 - UNDERSTANDING HOW THINGS WILL ADD UP...

Show Notes

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that has a great deal of confidence that fraud, non-existing voters and dead grandmothers will be the determining factor in tomorrow's race.  The fellas take a last -- long -- hard -- look at tomorrow's race and how the states are stacking up.  Today's show serves as an excellent resource for the day after the election for understanding how things added up for each candidate. Our prediction is that this election will go down in history as the tightest race this nation has ever had and the fellas take deep dives into the contentious states and even the counties that count the most. Listeners are strongly encouraged to go to bed early tonight because the election results will freeze at about 11:30 p.m. and won't be decided until Justice ACB writes the deciding brief that makes President Trump great again. 

Other Shows

CDC Lies

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America to tell you that Team Biden has spent $2 billion NOT to build the wall. On today’s program, we break the news with information that the CDC has been lying to you -- we have information coming from Dr. Charles Hoffe, the Coronavirus vaccine is causing your blood vessels to turn into little spiky things (official terminology) and basically eat you from the inside out. Then, we put Biden’s crumbling mind out to pasture with one simple phrase, “The 25th Amendment.” Our China report asks tough questions like; What is Biden’s end game for China? What does pour tons of American dollars on China doing to the U.S. economy? How do the communist rulers in China perceive the United States as we fumble the ball on just about everything? Viewers are strongly encouraged to remember General Tso’s chicken is an American invention and since the General lead an important revolt against oppressive Chinese rulers, he’s kinda our kinda patriot so go ahead and enjoy!

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The Biden Variant

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that Woody Harrelson should play the role of Lunchbox Joe in a movie called, “The Biden Variant.” After surviving the weekend full of Chicago murders and the rising tide of crap from the CDC, we now learn that the test they were giving you for Coronavirus was the wrong test and didn’t detect COVID-19. Predictable.

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Biden’s Exit Date Picked, Conservative, Inc., & Pelosi’s Criminal Past

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast that fears the ghost of Godfather Thomas Ludwig John D'Alesandro Jr.   As we wrap up a very bizarre week, we dive into the cesspool of Conservative, Inc. and how the well-oiled machine continues to rip off good-natured and patriotic people who just want to do good things. We solve these riddles; How do these organizations get their money? Have you ever seen their plush Washington, DC offices? Are they telling you everything they actually do?  The answers to these questions will rock your world.   We move on to Joe Biden and how he has been set up by his own party … need proof?  Obama’s very own doctor has declared Biden harmful to himself and call for the 25th Amendment to yank him out. We're tellin' ya folks, it's started. In fact, your trusty WE hosts have scientifically chosen the exact date when the transfer of power will occur to the Commie Kamala – and, it’s a lot closer than you feared. Then, we move on to the crime syndicate better known as the D’Alesandro family, who should have been the stars of the Godfather Trilogy, but was too busy thugging themselves around Baltimore and producing the Countess Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro, better known as the Madam Pelosi. Once we get done reminding you of her family’s criminal past with the mafia, you’ll quickly come to understand how she’s able to rule her Speakership with her age-spot-covered, bony and 81-year-old talons. We end the week, as we are often want to do, with good news about the king of all guitars Eric Clapton, who this week stepped one huge leap away from ever becoming Sir Eric by slapping the British Government upside the crown with his favorite Fender Stratocaster over their threat of round two of the great British Covid caper soon be thrust on the peoples of the realm.  Viewers of today’s show are strongly encouraged to remember that because some strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government and that supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

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How Cruz destroyed Biden’s Wall Policy…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that glad Senator Cruz ate his Wheaties. On today’s show, we look at how Ted Cruz systematically destroys Biden’s failed border policies and takes no prisoners at yesterday’s Senate Committee Meeting. We ask the hard questions: Just how much damage he do?  Was his throttling of Biden’s border policies enough to turn public opinion? Are we seeing a steady erosion of Biden’s defenses, and; How many more illegal immigrants have to suffer?  We also look deep into the soul of President Biden and see nothing, which explains his vacuous answers all throughout his cute little town hall yesterday.  Not only was it a farce but it gave more evidence the man is suffering from … we tell you to want does make him suffer and how it’s going to impact the next few years of his non-presidency. Viewers of today’s program are strongly encouraged to break out our old vinyl of Pink Floyd’s The Wall and remember when Trump was unafraid to, Put Another Brick in the Wall.”

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Why the Feds are arresting Trump's inner circle…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that enjoys a good vortex. On today’s show, we hit hard and answer some serious questions; First up, we watch Anthony Fauci get absolutely roasted by Senator Rand Paul in a Senate hearing yesterday and then go point for point on why Dr. Mengele is a bold face, pathological and elitist liar.

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Blivit of the politically absurd …

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that loves a good blivit. What’s going to happen now that Biden is full steam on Covid Part Two?  How does the economy withstand another lockdown?

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The blurring of Trump…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that puts Trump back into focus. A fast start for a Monday’s show as put into focus the CIA’s newsletter (WAPO article about the extreme US pressure that Egypt was forced to release known anarchists, leftist media members and known radicals based on “human rights” claims – all the while, 400 United States citizens are rotting in a D.C. jail due to January 6 charges.

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The Will to Reinstate Trump

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America with the will to reinstate Donald Trump as President. A momentous Friday as we add up the continuing evidence of a stolen American election.

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NAILED! Arrested in Washington, DC for being traitors…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that is laughing that the White House is censuring Facebook for a change. On today’s show, we go head on to Biden’s insulting speech when they let him go as far as Philadelphia, yesterday

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The 2020 election was stolen...now what?

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that knew this day would come. With the preponderance of evidence proving that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump, we ask the inevitable question – WTF happens now?

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Demopheliacs in the White House…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that knows Kamala hates sushi, anyway. In one of our more humorous but serious shows ever, we go hardcore and coin the phrase DEMOPHILIAC, which applies perfectly to the array of perversion from Clinton’s child sexy time to Biden’s penchant for oddly rubbing little girls’ shoulders.

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Clinton’s FBI Conspiracies…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America soooo glad we absolutely nothing to do with Haiti. On today’s show, we don’t revisit all the Clinton conspiracies, just the ones that leach into modern day Haiti. In one of our most sobering shows yet, you will be flabbergasted at what we tell you about the murder of Haitian President Jovenel Moise and how it is part of a long pattern of behavior that all have one element in common.

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Knock Knock Joe …

Welcome to Washington Expose, the truly only raw-dog podcast so raw that guests who come on the show deny it until their dying day. Up on today’s show, it’s first the vacuous stare which our President can slip into that give’s young children the willies and medical professionals evidence the Patient-in-Chief is having regular ministrokes.

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Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America who enjoys exposing itself as much as others. Today, we expose the lunkhead that the liberals have put up to head the ATF – you know the one who is so vial we dare not say his name … but, you’ll know him as the sicko photographed as if he was a war hero in front of the charred remains of 76 men, women and children killed Branch Dividians’ compound.

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It's Criminal...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that is still lighting of our 4th of July fireworks. Today, we expose our sock puppet of a president, Joe Biden and how he’s dwindled to the lowest level of using this special cheat to answer questions to the media. Wilson, Ward and Clews then pack the whole Biden-Harris ticket into one amazingly effective slogan and you’re going to love it.

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