October 24, 2021
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Blivit of the politically absurd …

Show Notes

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that loves a good blivit. What’s going to happen now that Biden is full steam on Covid Part Two?  How does the economy withstand another lockdown? Does freedom mean anything to democrats when the tables are turned on them? And, what is to happen to those locked up in DC prison for their alleged January 6th participation.  We also explore the first Federal charges and conviction of a January 6th participant while rage-fueled attorneys from New York get a slap on the wrist for toasting up a cop car with a Molotov firebomb! Viewers of today’s show are strongly encouraged to watch what you step in.

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Spy mystery deepens…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that has a direct line to KAOS and isn’t afraid to use it. With the revelation of a Chinese spy likely and mysteriously showing up at the Defense Intelligence Agency’s front door, you’ll be humored and not surprised at what the repercussions are back in the land of Mao. We unfold the events as they are continuing to happen on this case and the fellas make some quite likely predictions on what the U.S. Government’s role is and next steps. Then, it’s onto how your freedoms are being systematically being removed from your Constitution without changing a word – what the new REAL ID card means to the further acceptance of illegals versus rising crime rates, the latest statistics are in and we talk about them. Viewers of today’s program are strongly encouraged to spread the word about Washington Expose to your friends, neighbors, and enemies as we march on the long road to the restoration of America.

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Meet the one person who can unseat AOC in 2022...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that thinks that Bronx Tina should be mayor. Former Vice President Pence visits the Ronald Reagan Library and doubles down on what it means to be the guy who dropped the ball in the most important game of our lives. We tear apart just what he said lately and how that implicates him in an ever-expanding universe of anti-conservativism. Then, we go to The Bronx, New York and meet Tina Forte, otherwise known as Bronx Tina who is running against AOC in 2022.  We feature Bronx Tina’s latest campaign ads that actually will make you want to move to the 14th District of New York to support her. We look at Bronx Tina’s platform, what she intends to do to get AOC out of the way and how she’ll tackle the big-ticket items while in Congress.  Viewers of today’s show are strongly encouraged to visit https://realtinaforcongress.com/ today.

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Biden wants to nuke you…no kidding...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America broadcasting from our grandfather’s 1950’s Cold War bomb shelter. As the President of the United States threatens to use F-15’s and nuclear weapons on 2nd Amendment gun-loving Americans, the nation recoils in horror that he even has his possession of the football.

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A spy mystery unfolding...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that thinks Loudoun County, Virginia is the epicenter of the “New Freedom.” This is a fast-paced show today with our top story diving into the Chinese spy who just might have saved America from itself. When you hear who and what this spy has done and where he’s released his mega-amount of digital information, you’ll wonder no more at how the liberal left is now going public with admission after admission about the Corona Virus.

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The biggest lies of this century so far are…

Welcome to the very best of Washington Expose, the only show in America that’s unafraid to repeat the lies and truths about those in our government who say they can do no wrong.

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Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that is has a solution and he is the Don. As the left continues to crumble within their election lies and coverups, Biden is finally done fumbling the ball in Europe and passing vulnerable U.S. assets to Putin, we dig into the very real issue that once it becomes abundantly clear that the election was rigged – what happens, next? Listen to today’s show and find out exactly what to expect and how the nation will respond – mostly, what it means for the Biden Administration. We end the show with some rather disturbing news out of New York about what’s happening to a true and beloved American asset, we use that term figuratively, as Victoria’s Secret goes woke, causing men to hunt longer and women to resort to more provincial measures. Viewers of today’s show are strongly encouraged to stop buying your significant other's stuff from Victoria’s Secret, mostly because they just take them off right away, anyway.

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Biden hands Putin “Sweet-16” high-value targets in the U.S.

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that is quite sure that the Russians won’t get lost when they attack thanks to Sleepy-Joe. Today, we slam directly into the staggering stupid move Joe Biden made by handing his buddy Vlad a list of 16 of the most valuable targets in America NOT to attack.

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What Jon Stewart's Wuhan lab leak turnabout really means...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that formally welcomes Jon Stewart as a Truther. First, Wilson, Ward, and Clews punch back at how the Biden Administration is officially a runaway train and using the justice system to silence “anti-government sentiment.”

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Biden officially defines anti-government sentiment as...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in ‘Merica that thinks King George III is rolling around laughing in his velvet-lined casket at Windsor Castle. This is a blockbuster show as we deep dive into just how the Biden Administration is officially chasing after anyone who has “anti-government sentiment” under the veil of being a domestic terrorist.

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You know it's bad when Boris Johnson mocks Biden...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that has coined a new name for FLOTUS as “Dr. Shill.” Today, we dig into the happenings at the G-6 Summit and laugh uncontrollably at how the Sock-Puppet-in-Chief gets so lost, Dr. Shill needed to rope him in. It’s onto the latest recounts and investigation into voter fraud and you’ll be shocked to learn how the numbers are really adding up and how the nation is going to react when reality sets in.

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The Stark Contrast Between Trump at the G-7 and Biden

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America unafraid to contrast the disgusting way the media portrayed the leader of the free world to the European community -- that is how they treated Donald Trump and how they are praising Joe Biden. We dig hard into this disparity and provide shocking examples of how the upcoming global VAT tax will screw every hard-working American. Viewers of today's show are strongly encouraged to visit www.freepressers.com for the latest news.

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BORIS & JOE AT G-7: Global VAT Tax for Everyone But China...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that is going to take the total IQ of Boris Yeltsin and the Sock-Puppet-in-Chief and play Blackjack knowing we won’t break 21.

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Is Crime a Political Weapon?

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that can’t wait to see just how Putin will pulverize President Biden during their talks. Today, we dig into how crime is being used as a political weapon as we see Democratic Party-controlled city after city turn to organized crime by the likes of BLM, ANTIFA, and wayward liberals to push agendas and beat back opposition to their radical ideas. Then, t’s all about the G-7 Summit in Brussels and how the Sock-Puppet-in-Chief will be espousing Obamaology while attempting to be Mr. Cool. At risk is Eastern Europe as the new wave of Soviet-like aggression takes a deeper hold in Ukraine. With U.S. foreign policy teetering on the absurd, the only thing we can anticipate out of this summit is the increased globalism of NATO and a deepening of the economic and cultural divide between Europe and America. Viewers of today’s show are strongly encouraged to visit www.freepressers.com for coverage of the President’s trip.

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WHAT!?! The Rockefeller Foundation scripted CoVid in 2012?

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show smart enough to figure out that the Rockefeller Foundation can either see into the future or cause it. We dig into how the Rockefeller Foundation likely provided the script for the CoVid mess we’re currently in – we read verbatim how their plan and the reality match up and you’ll be ready to run.

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Exposing the Rip-&-Read Media Whores …

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast bold enough to eat our own. Today, it’s a hardcore rip into rip-&-read media whores who whose only job is to babble the slop handed down from the top floor of their comfy studios. How do we know? We know and that’s all you need to know. Then, we celebrate the peoples of Guatemala who put Veep-Throat Harris on notice that her presence is undesired in the scenic Mesoamerican country. Signs a blazing “Trump Won” and “Kamala Mind Your Own Business,” Harris attempted dialogue with President Alejandro Giammettei and actually told him "If we are to be effective, if we are to be true to our principles, we must root out corruption wherever it exists, and that is one of our highest priorities for that reason." Just imagine what that guy was thinking. Viewers of today’s show are strongly encouraged to thank a Guatemalan today.

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