July 17, 2024
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Friday's blivit of things that make you go, "HUH?"

Show Notes

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America willing to defy conventional wisdom and provide on today's what we believe are rays of hope that are beginning to shine on the restoration of America. The fellas run the gamut of news and information today that will leave you either scratching your head or beating it against the wall.  Take for instance, Wilson, Ward and Clews discuss the fine school system in Baltimore City that has passed only three classes in four years, ranks near top half of the class with a 0.13 GPA and everybody is proud of him. Well, at least he beat out Bluto Blutarsky's 0.0 GPA.  So, get ready for today's blivit-o-rama, just in time for the weekend. Listeners of today's show are strongly encouraged to look up the word "blivit" if you don't know what it is. 

The Washington Expose Team will be taking a much-needed vacation next week in order to prepare for our one-year celebration on our return.   We'll be featuring the very best of our shows from throughout the year, perfect for you to relive the nightmare that was 2020.  It's worth the effort, however!  Expect some fun and exciting changes to the show when you return, including video streaming and showing up at your house for dinner unexpectantly. 

Other Shows

The blurring of Trump…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that puts Trump back into focus. A fast start for a Monday’s show as put into focus the CIA’s newsletter (WAPO article about the extreme US pressure that Egypt was forced to release known anarchists, leftist media members and known radicals based on “human rights” claims – all the while, 400 United States citizens are rotting in a D.C. jail due to January 6 charges.

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The Will to Reinstate Trump

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America with the will to reinstate Donald Trump as President. A momentous Friday as we add up the continuing evidence of a stolen American election.

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NAILED! Arrested in Washington, DC for being traitors…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that is laughing that the White House is censuring Facebook for a change. On today’s show, we go head on to Biden’s insulting speech when they let him go as far as Philadelphia, yesterday

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The 2020 election was stolen...now what?

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that knew this day would come. With the preponderance of evidence proving that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump, we ask the inevitable question – WTF happens now?

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Demopheliacs in the White House…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that knows Kamala hates sushi, anyway. In one of our more humorous but serious shows ever, we go hardcore and coin the phrase DEMOPHILIAC, which applies perfectly to the array of perversion from Clinton’s child sexy time to Biden’s penchant for oddly rubbing little girls’ shoulders.

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Clinton’s FBI Conspiracies…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America soooo glad we absolutely nothing to do with Haiti. On today’s show, we don’t revisit all the Clinton conspiracies, just the ones that leach into modern day Haiti. In one of our most sobering shows yet, you will be flabbergasted at what we tell you about the murder of Haitian President Jovenel Moise and how it is part of a long pattern of behavior that all have one element in common.

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Knock Knock Joe …

Welcome to Washington Expose, the truly only raw-dog podcast so raw that guests who come on the show deny it until their dying day. Up on today’s show, it’s first the vacuous stare which our President can slip into that give’s young children the willies and medical professionals evidence the Patient-in-Chief is having regular ministrokes.

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Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America who enjoys exposing itself as much as others. Today, we expose the lunkhead that the liberals have put up to head the ATF – you know the one who is so vial we dare not say his name … but, you’ll know him as the sicko photographed as if he was a war hero in front of the charred remains of 76 men, women and children killed Branch Dividians’ compound.

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It's Criminal...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that is still lighting of our 4th of July fireworks. Today, we expose our sock puppet of a president, Joe Biden and how he’s dwindled to the lowest level of using this special cheat to answer questions to the media. Wilson, Ward and Clews then pack the whole Biden-Harris ticket into one amazingly effective slogan and you’re going to love it.

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Don’t forget to celebrate these freedoms this 4th of July…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that celebrates 4th of July with both catchup and mustard on our hotdogs. On this very special pre-4th of July episode, we put in no uncertain terms the very freedoms we all should be celebrating this weekend. Wilson, Ward and Clews dig into how the current culture in the United States makes freedom seem almost a nuisance in favor of everyone towing a party line.  The fellas also find some greatness in this 4th of July and share their thoughts on just what freedom means to them.  Viewers of today’s show are strongly encouraged to light your punks.

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Harris’ House of Cards Crumbling?

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that thinks Vice President Rice will be fun. With Politico’s expose on Vice President Harris’ front office is fraught with chaos, intrigue and backstabbery you’ll be surprised to learn who is behind it and what it means for the Eggplant-in-Chief. Enter Dr. Mengele-Fauci and his Delta variant threat to close down the country again, will this strategy work to slip Harris’ replacement into the picture while liberal sycophants model the latest designer mask fashions.

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Guess who owns your DNA now …

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America whose DNA is all Neanderthal. The latest breaking news is coming from Silicon Valley via Beijing with the revelation that China now owns the DNA of just about everyone who has ever taken an ancestry test. The repercussion of this stunning news is far-reaching and put every U.S. Citizen at a new level of risk never before known. When you hear how they got everyone’s DNA and how the suits in Silicon Valley are at the center of it all, you’ll be simply stunned. Viewers of today’s program are strongly encouraged to get new DNA.

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Proof the NSA is illegally spying on Americans … again.

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only program in America that is designed to deprogram you from all the reprogramming you’ve gotten since the Inauguration. It’s no surprise that Tucker Carlson isn’t on the Biden’s Christmas card list given Biden already put him on the NSA’s list of most listened to rabble-rousers in ‘Merica.

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Spy mystery deepens…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that has a direct line to KAOS and isn’t afraid to use it. With the revelation of a Chinese spy likely and mysteriously showing up at the Defense Intelligence Agency’s front door, you’ll be humored and not surprised at what the repercussions are back in the land of Mao. We unfold the events as they are continuing to happen on this case and the fellas make some quite likely predictions on what the U.S. Government’s role is and next steps. Then, it’s onto how your freedoms are being systematically being removed from your Constitution without changing a word – what the new REAL ID card means to the further acceptance of illegals versus rising crime rates, the latest statistics are in and we talk about them. Viewers of today’s program are strongly encouraged to spread the word about Washington Expose to your friends, neighbors, and enemies as we march on the long road to the restoration of America.

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Meet the one person who can unseat AOC in 2022...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that thinks that Bronx Tina should be mayor. Former Vice President Pence visits the Ronald Reagan Library and doubles down on what it means to be the guy who dropped the ball in the most important game of our lives. We tear apart just what he said lately and how that implicates him in an ever-expanding universe of anti-conservativism. Then, we go to The Bronx, New York and meet Tina Forte, otherwise known as Bronx Tina who is running against AOC in 2022.  We feature Bronx Tina’s latest campaign ads that actually will make you want to move to the 14th District of New York to support her. We look at Bronx Tina’s platform, what she intends to do to get AOC out of the way and how she’ll tackle the big-ticket items while in Congress.  Viewers of today’s show are strongly encouraged to visit https://realtinaforcongress.com/ today.

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