June 18, 2024
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  • 05/24/2024
FPI / May 19, 2024

Celebrities and wealthy business people often make monetary payments to an individual as a way to settle a private or internal matter. Those so-called "hush money" deals are not illegal.

When President Donald Trump was indicted by a grand jury in New York City in a "hush money" probe, it marked the first time in U.S. history a president has had to face criminal charges.

Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley noted: "It’s bad enough this case was born out of a far-leftist district attorney’s hatred of Trump and campaign promise to bring down Trump. (We’re still waiting to know Trump’s alleged crimes, by the way.) But to move to hinge the arguments to convict on a convicted liar’s (Michael Cohen's) testimony — one who says in open court such things as 'I believe I was telling the truth,' a phrase that could just as easily be rephrased to say, 'I’m not sure I was telling the truth' — to base the case on that kind of testimony isn’t just laughable. It’s criminal."

What's also criminal, some would suggest, is something called the 1995 Congressional Accountability Act, which established a special fund of U.S. taxpayer money that was created to pay hush money for congressional members' and staffers' alleged indiscretions. Millions have been paid out of the fund since the law was passed.

"That’s right, daily hard working Americans, who often live paycheck to paycheck, are funding a congressional slush fund account, one handing out 'hush money' payments like Halloween candy to protect influential Members of Congress," radio host Mark Vargas noted.

Why is Joe Biden's Department of Justice not investigating this "hush money" fund?

Has anyone in Congress attempted to do anything about it?

That answer would be yes.

In 2017, then-U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, Florida Republican, introduced <a href="https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/4494">HR 4494</a> – the Congressional Accountability and Hush Fund Elimination Act that "prohibits the use of public funds to pay awards and settlements."

Unfortunately, the legislation was "dead on arrival," and it was never assigned to a committee for debate even though it had 103 bipartisan cosponsors.

Meanwhile, the Left's dogged quest to jail Trump continues in a Manhattan courtroom, where a guy who lies on an Adam Schiff scale, Cohen, is the prosecution's star witness.

Chumley noted:
When Trump wins this November and takes over the White House in January of 2025, one of his first moves should be to counterattack those who unjustly, unfairly, abysmally and un-American-ly used and abused their positions to waste tax dollars to try and jail a political enemy, i.e. Trump, and silence an entire segment of society, i.e. conservatives and MAGAs and patriotic citizens. As Trump has repeated, the attacks against him are not simply against him — they’re against all of America First citizenry.

The counterattack Trump must make from the White House in 2025 then is not just for his sake, but for the sake of all civil-minded, law and order-respecting, Constitution-loving American citizens. We can’t have a country where politically ambitious scum buckets who register zero on the morality Richter scale are able to drag people they detest into court and run sham trials aimed at cowing them into silence and destroying their lives, and the lives of their families. That’s what communist countries do.

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