June 18, 2024
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  • 06/05/2024
FPI / June 2, 2024

Moments after it was announced that Donald Trump had been convicted by a Manhattan jury on 34 felony counts, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro said: "I want to believe that Americans believe in justice, and I think that in their gut, they realized that there is something that is very wrong here. We have gone over a cliff in America."

"This verdict is a verdict of someone who was forced to fight a 1,000-pound gorilla with both hands tied behind his back. This was a defendant for whom crimes were created, against whom a judge…was handpicked for this defendant, who denied him the ability to fight the way he needed to fight, who brought in crimes that we have never heard of in New York before, where they had dead misdemeanors that they resurrected into felonies based upon non-unanimous verdicts of crimes that are federal over which no state court or no state judge or prosecutor has jurisdiction," Pirro said.

"And in the end, with all this smoke and mirrors, at 34 counts, and a hooker, and a guy, [who] according to a federal judge is a serial perjurer, we have convicted a former President of the United States of America," she continued.

Writing for The Spectator, Lee Cohen noted that Joe Biden's America "has shamefully crossed the Rubicon. The rule of law has been supplanted by the whims of elites and the machinery of power. The verdict of the jury in New York City, finding Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in a hush-money trial, calls into urgent question the integrity of the American legal system and the sanctity of democratic norms."

As a massive crowd of supporters gathered outside Trump Tower in Manhattan on Friday, Trump said:
My bookkeeper called a “Legal Expense,” on the “tiny” description line of the Ledger, a “Legal Expense,” openly paid to my lawyer, at that time a fully accredited one. I was not involved in that designation, but what else would you have called it? It was, in fact, a LEGAL EXPENSE. That is the so-called “CRIME.” On top of that, I wasn’t allowed by the judge to use, in any form, the standard RELIANCE ON COUNSEL DEFENSE (ADVICE OF COUNSEL!). My lawyer, at the time, did virtually everything on the NDA (NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT), and I assumed that what he did was correct. I did nothing wrong, and frankly, there was nothing done wrong - NDA’s are standard, commonly used, and LEGAL. MAGA2024! WITCH HUNT! IF THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ME, IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE!
Cohen noted: "Partisanship and selective justice have been marshalled by Democrats who fear more than anything else Trump’s return to the White House. For many Americans, what appears to be a manipulation of our democratic institutions, most notably the justice system, is leading to an existential collapse in trust. It is deeply unhealthy for a democracy to treat its political candidates in this way. If Democrats want to get rid of Trump, they should focus on beating him at the ballot box in November. Instead, they are attempting to use the legal system to decide the election on their behalf."

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy noted: "Even if it fires up his [Trump] base, and it should… this is going to change American prosecution and the American justice system for the worse because the flag of politicized prosecution has been planted here in a way that it has never been planted before."

"It's inconceivable in New York that anyone else other than Donald Trump would have been indicted in this way," McCarthy continued, adding that he also agrees that Judge Juan Merchan "turned the jury instructions into a road map to conviction."

Trump said: "We're dealing with a corrupt government. We have a corrupt country. Our elections are corrupt. Our borders are open, our borders are going to be closed very soon. November 5 is going to be the most important day in the history of our country."

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