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FPI / December 27, 2019

Analysis by Leesa K. Donner,

The holiday respite from all the Democratic machinations and maneuvers to disgrace and bring dishonor to the 45th president of the United States has been brief. Now that the House of Representatives has drawn up two articles of impeachment against Donald J. Trump, many had hoped all the unpleasant vengefulness would have subsided. But this may be nothing more than a Christmas wish gone with the wind.

The president, in his Christmas message to the American people, uncharacteristically called for a truce, urging: “Together, we must strive to foster a culture of deeper understanding and respect — traits that exemplify the teachings of Christ.”

President Trump is better known for his ability to hit back, but even he appears to be pushing for more peace than war – more love than hate.

But the Dems don’t appear to be getting over their Trump Derangement Syndrome anytime soon and may, in fact, feel buoyed by recent events choreographed by the Democratic Sanhedrin. For those who didn’t cue up The Greatest Story Ever Told over Christmas, here’s a little background that is shockingly similar to what we’ve just witnessed in the 116th Congress.

We shall stipulate at the outset that Donald Trump is no Jesus Christ. While this should go without saying, the Left has exhibited a better than average ability to twist words and concepts of late. So, with that in mind, it is worth exploring the actions of Caiaphas and his merry band of men and how some see parallels to current political events.

The 72-member Sanhedrin was the supreme council that ruled and reigned in postexilic times. Headed by the High Priest, this tribunal had criminal, civil, and religious jurisdiction over the Jewish people at the time of Christ. Their claim to fame came when they put Jesus of Nazareth on trial. The historical record, found in John 18:13-24, states that Jesus was arrested and immediately questioned by Annas, then finally rushed to the home of Caiaphas, the High Priest of the Sanhedrin.

This was a highly unusual move. The custom at the time, as reported by none other than National Geographic, was that “after the Temple guards arrested Jesus, he should have been locked up in the Temple stockade until such time that the full Sanhedrin, or priestly council, could hear his case. This is exactly what happened to Peter, John, and other Apostles upon their arrest (Acts 4:3; 5:17). But instead, Jesus was taken directly to the Jerusalem residence of the high priest Joseph Caiaphas.”

Another longstanding Sanhedrin statute was ignored: Death sentences were not to be handed down without approval of the full ruling council, which surely was not in place that fateful night. This is where Caiaphas tipped his hand, proving that he was on a mission to get rid of Jesus, rules be damned. Caiaphas then held his little kangaroo court, in which Jesus was accused of several crimes, including blasphemy. The trial was rigged from the get-go and Jesus knew it.

From the very beginning, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) concocted a false narrative of President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president. Then the 116th Sanhedrin met and, without so much as a first-hand witness, sentenced the president to a political crucifixion that less than a handful of presidents in American history have endured. Finally, Schiff’s ruling body sped through the proceedings toward their desired outcome, much like Caiaphas. Schiff next tried to force the president to defend himself by appearing before Congress. But Trump refused. In John 18:21, Jesus told the High Priest, “Why question me? Ask those who heard me. Surely they know what I said.” Likewise, Mr. Trump intuitively understood that nothing he could say would make a difference in Schiff’s kangaroo court.

While impeachment of a president does not include being literally hoisted upon a wooden cross, the political penalties are severe. And while it is highly unlikely that President Trump will be removed from office, his name, his presidency, and his honor are at stake. Or are they? Will the American people stand and yell “Crucify him!” as they did with Jesus of Nazareth, or will they turn and tear the accuser, Caiaphas, to pieces?

That answer is likely to come on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

(Hat tip to Ben Tessler)

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