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  • 11/09/2023
FPI / November 9, 2023

Following another disappointing day at the polls for Republicans, Human Events editor Jack Posobiec asked the key question: "Does anyone actually think the GOP is ready for 2024?"

The GOP (recently more like the GUP), suffered losses in deep-red states, including Daniel Cameron's gubernatorial loss to Democrat incumbent Andy Beshear in Kentucky, and the Republican establishment went down in flames in Virginia where Gov. Glenn Youngkin, a Fox News favorite who has been pushed as a Trump 2024 replacement by many, failed in his effort to turn the state legislature red (Democrats won control of the state Senate and House of Delegates).

In deep-red Ohio, voters codified the right to an abortion and legalized marijuana for recreational use.

Many conservatives were calling for Republican National Committee (RNC) chair Ronna McDaniel to be ousted, noting she has presided over a losing streak that stretches back to 2018.

“What, exactly, does Ronna McDaniel do, besides lose?” conservative commentator Monica Crowley asked on X. “The only thing she SHOULD do is RESIGN. Effective immediately.”

American Spectator contributing editor Scott McKay wrote: "Ronna McDaniel ought to resign. Today. The GOP has won virtually nothing since she became party chair."

Lawyer Rogan O’Handley, an influential young conservatives on social media who uses the handle “DC Draino,” wrote: “Tonight is yet another reason Ronna Romney McDaniel should resign in disgrace She does nothing except help the GOP lose.”

Officials in Kentucky were refuting online claims that a gas leak at one polling place in the state's largest county was deliberate and helped Beshear win re-election.

The claims amassed thousands of shares on social media after reports of a gas leak at Highland Baptist Church in Louisville caused polls there to close for about 30 minutes while Louisville Gas & Electric investigated the issue. The delay prompted a judge to extend voting at the church until 6:30 p.m. instead of 6 p.m. EST.

Social media users questioned whether the gas leak was real and insinuated that extended voting hours in a Democratic county gave Beshear the votes he needed to win.

The delay was prompted by a report of gas emitting from a stove in the church, said Chris Whelan, a spokesperson for Louisville Gas & Electric. Gas was detected, but not at hazardous levels, she said.

“This was a legitimate instance of a gas leak so any claims otherwise, we just think are patently absurd,” Erran Huber of the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office said.

Following Tuesday's results, conservatives and moderates alike agreed the GOP has had a messaging problem on abortion since Roe v. Wade was overturned.

“We can’t win until we solve the political problem of abortion,” conservative activist Terry Schilling wrote. “That means 15 week limits, with exceptions. And candidates have to run ads to counter Dem attacks. There’s no other way.”

“We can’t save lives, if we can’t win elections,” Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina tweeted. “If pro-life Republicans want to actually save lives, they have to learn to LISTEN TO WOMEN and talk about abortion AND contraception. Roe repeal changed the playing field and the conversation, and too many are stuck in the policies and arguments of the past."

Posobiec noted how it was "wild" that Donald Trump "was the most successful pro-life president of all time and he barely talked about it during the election. There's a lesson in that. Imagine being handed a candidate like Trump who can lead the party to victory for years to come and all these guys do is backstab the movement every step of the way."

Other messaging lessons the GOP can take into the 2024 campaign, Posobiec added, include:

• The 2020 election really was stolen.
• It’s not about oppression it’s about hating white people.
• Diversity is a codeword for antiwhite.
• Mass legal immigration destroys nations.
• Demographic change changes countries.

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