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FPI / January 17, 2020

The corporate media has been in lock step with Democrats on impeachment. When a CNN personality on Thursday parroted a Democrat talking point at GOP Sen. Martha McSally, the Arizona senator’s response was classic.

Reading straight from the Democrat/media team’s playbook, CNN’s Manu Raju asked McSally if she would consider new evidence as part of the Senate impeachment trial.

McSally responded: “Manu, you’re a liberal hack; I’m not talking to you.”

When he asked, “You’re not going to comment, senator?” she repeated, “You’re a liberal hack.”

Raju took offense and took to Twitter to complain that McSally had “lashed out” at him. He also made sure to note that McSally is “a Republican facing a difficult election race.”

RedState’s Brad Slager pointed out: “Note the undercurrent in his comment, that such an offensive act could in fact carry electoral implications for her in the future. McSally it can be said was not exactly shaken to her timbers with this expose from Raju — she responded by posting a video of their exchange, displaying exactly” what Raju said.

Others at CNN were quick to bash McSally and jump to their comrade’s defense. Their insistence that Raju is well known for his “objectivity,” some observers said, was indicative of what good actors corporate media personalities have become as they can say such things while so effortlessly maintaining a straight face.

“Today the CNN network entire has been in full bluster and ‘how dare you’ recoil mode — all because a politician dared to display contempt on camera” for one of their personalities, Slager wrote on Jan. 16.

“It is becoming increasingly obvious that the very worst thing that can possibly happen” to “those working for the cable networks — is that someone dares insult their ego,” Slager continued. “This was a profession that once proudly reported from the frontlines of war, but these days we have seen them wither whenever anyone displays a reaction that falls short of fealty. Jim Acosta has reported on times at Trump rallies where people raised their voices like he was absorbing enemy fire on the streets of Damascus.”

As for Raju’s Democrat talking point, GOP Sen. David Perdue of Georgia told CNN he would “absolutely not” consider new evidence and that it was the House’s job to consider that evidence.

“That’s not our job,” Perdue said. “Our job is to respond to the evidence that has been given in the case that was built by the House. They’ve given us two very weak articles of impeachment. Our job is to look at what they brought us and decide if that rises to the level of impeachment.”

Later in the day CNN propaganda chief Brian Stelter announced that the network’s PR division was issuing a statement condemning McSally’s comments.

“No, seriously — they did exactly that,” Slager noted.

The CNN PR department’s statement: “"It is extremely unbecoming for a U.S. Senator to sink to this level and treat a member of the press this way for simply doing his job."

Salger noted that CNN, which had lawyer to the porn stars Michael Avanatti on air over 100 times in a calendar year, is lecturing now on what is ‘’unbecoming.’’

Raju later changed his Twitter profile photo to one with he and Sen. John McCain, “a not-at-all subtle dig at McSally, who was the senator to fill McCain’s seat following his recent passing,” Slager wrote. “This was a signal throughout the network, apparently. Jake Tapper went on the offensive, running to tattle on McSally to the McCain family, asking for a comment.”

Tapper tweeted that the response from the McCain family was: “There’s no love lost between our family and her.”

CNN’s Josh Rogin tweeted of McSally: “This is an insult to the ideals and integrity of the Senate seat she inherited from John McCain.”

The Federalist’s Sean Davis quickly shot down CNN’s story of McCain and his peaceable relationship with the corporate media, tweeting: “John McCain regularly insulted reporters. And staffers (yours truly included). And other senators. And House members. It was one of my absolute favorite things about him — no holds barred ever. Stop trying to rewrite history.”

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