August 18, 2019
The unseemly sight of nearly the entire Democratic congressional delegation sitting on their hands and clinging to their chairs throughout Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech is further evidence that they want America to fail on Trump’s watch.

Hundreds of American companies are bringing jobs to America and paying American workers bonuses: Democrats sat stone-faced. The lowest black unemployment rate in 40 years: Democrats smirked. We are defeating ISIS in the Middle East: Ho-hum.

Many on the Left are suffering from a severe case of anti-Trump derangement syndrome. ATDS sufferers crave bad news. In a bright, sunny economic sky, they point to the single cloud.

The other day I was on CNN and was sparring with April Ryan of the American Urban Radio Networks — who is, to say the least, not friendly to Trump. When I mentioned all of the companies that are hiring more workers and paying bonuses or raises to their employees, including as many as 1 million Walmart employees, I thought this might elicit some positive reaction. Instead, she complained that Walmart is closing many of its Sam’s Club stores, resulting in employees’ being laid off. Yes, the Sam’s Club closures impact around 9,000 workers, though many of them have been reassigned to other Walmart stores. Meanwhile, about 100 times that number will get raises and/or bonuses.

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