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FPI / December 29, 2019

Commentary by John McNabb

The day after Christmas, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached yet another all-time high. Over 100 Dow Jones highs have been recorded during the three-year Trump Presidency. The Standard & Poors Average also reached an all-time high as did the NASDAQ which closed over 9,000 for the first time in history.

President Trump's third year in office will see the best financial markets in American history. Phase 1 of the China Trade Agreement will be signed in early January and the NAFTA replacement which President Trump negotiated with Canada and Mexico, the USMCA, which ratified free trade between the United States and our closest neighbors will be implemented. A total win for American workers.

The Trump Presidency is putting Americans back to work and with better paychecks. The organized labor leaders are happy and so are the less educated in our country. I might add that I am not certain what less educated means. My four grandparents had seven years of schooling but were well-read, God-fearing and hardworking folks who loved their country. I am lucky that I came from that stock.

Last week I was sitting in an airport on the way to Europe watching a replay of the Richard Nixon impeachment. It was on the CNN airport monopoly so nothing fair or balanced about their politicized garbage.

CNN wouldn't dare replay the story of Bill Clinton's Impeachment, his abuse of power, his abuse of women, his lying under oath to the American people with his famous televised lie "I didn't have sexual relations with that woman" and his disbarment from the practice of law. It appears that President Clinton's abuse of women now includes under-age girls. The "Lolita Express" chronicles are about as ugly as ugly can get.

Coincidentally the primary witness and sponsor of the "Lolita Express" Jeffrey Epstein is dead. Murder or suicide? No video, no tell. The same Jeffrey Epstein who once called Bill Clinton one of his best friends. The disgraced Clintons, little grubby and grifting folks who are the face of the fast-failing Democratic Party.

While overseas I read that the Democrats had charged our president with a no-crime impeachment. No fact witnesses and no crimes, just hearsay, hurt feelings and an apparent disdain for America. That's not what our founders had in mind in the Constitution. Impeachment was designed to be an orderly process with governing law and charges of "High Crimes and Misdemeanors." President Trump simply doing his job via Article II of the Constitution isn't a crime. I haven't heard of obstruction of Congress. If there is such a thing then point toward Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Waters, Tlaib, Green, Feinstein, the "screamer" Schumer and their little miscreants on the Democratic side of the aisles.

This is a real American tragedy perpetrated by lawless, treasonous fools who hate President Trump, hate the 63 million Americans who voted for him and apparently hate what our great country stands for. The Left craves power and will obtain power any way it can.

But to digress, Petunia Pig Pelosi is still having problems putting two coherent sentences together and is obviously having some dental problems. But her biggest problem is where she trying to take America. I don't know anyone who wants to follow her.

Her cohorts in crime, Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler have demonstrated how our American principles and our order of law have been raped. Schiff is not "Schifty" but a weird bug-eyed fool who is simply a lowly public liar, certainly no hero. He's Piglet in this sad commentary. Jerry Nadler is another cretin. I will call him Porky Pig. If true that Porky is about five-foot-three inches tall and may have weighed well over three hundred pounds at one time, then I question his discipline and his ability to be rational. I know factually that Porky would never have come close to fitting into a jet aircraft ejection seat and I am certain that he could not have suited up for an Atlantic Coast Conference football game with me. Porky and I thankfully have little if nothing in common. I had the honor and privilege of risking my life for our country and over the past thirty years, have built and grown companies and created jobs. Porky is doing the exact opposite by destroying our presidency and I take great offense at what he, Petunia and Piglet are doing to our Democracy and our Nation.

I choose to make fun of this tempest in a teacup by these weird tyrants, the Three Little Pigs, who blatantly disregard our Constitution and "do it their way" against the will of the American people.

President Trump's current approval rating is higher than Obama's at the same time in their respective presidencies. The reason is, of course, that President Trump is following through on what he promised, and America is benefiting from his leadership in many facets of our society.

In just three years since the Trump inauguration, the Tax Reform Act and his eradicating Obama's job killing regulations have created a tsunami of new job creation especially in the American manufacturing sector. Unemployment is at a 50-year low and at all-time lows for African Americans and Hispanic Americans. Female unemployment is at a 60-year low. Trump's economy has added over 30 percent to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, an average that has been measuring the economy for well over 137 years. And the Trump economy has done that in less than three years and is putting money back into American's paychecks and their retirement accounts.  The Trump presidency has focused on blue collar Americans and the earnings difference between white collar and blue-collar earners is decreasing under Donald Trump's leadership. President Trump's trade policies and international foreign policy have been tremendous successes for all Americans.  But the Democrats want to impeach him for no real crimes. President Trump is a threat to the ensconced D.C. bureaucracy, the "lifers" in the Department of Justice, the spy agencies and of course the worthless American media.

Exacerbating the Democrat's problems is a leadership vacuum coming from "Petunia Pig" Pelosi and her cohorts in the House and Senate. They are takers and spenders of other people's money. They have lived off the government at the public trough and have nothing to show for their parasitic careers. Their House majority has accomplished NOTHING since 2018.  They don't know how to govern.

So, I choose to ridicule these losers.

The Silver lining is a second Trump Presidential term.

I have reflected on what President Trump has had to deal with.

First, he had to deal with Obama's broken economy. Barack Obama factually is the worst economic president since the Great Depression. The first president to never have a 3 percent economic growth in any year of his presidency. Sadly, eight long years.

President Trump then had to deal with the Obama Spygate scandal that will unfold in the very near future and some criminals, sadly not all, may go to jail.

Trump also has had to deal with a hostile media, but he knows how to deal with the media. It's easy.

I was with some young Dutch business executives in Amsterdam a week ago and all had nothing negative to say about President Trump but none of them had anything positive to say about the media.

Several weeks earlier I was in the State of Israel and the Palestinian West Bank.  President Trump has clearly made a huge and positive difference in Israel and the Middle East with America becoming energy independent. It was a joy meeting with Amb. David Friedman at our new American Embassy in the Jerusalem hills. Another huge Trump win for Israel and America.

Then our President had to deal with the costly Mueller investigation into the Russian Collusion fantasy ignited by the Steele Dossier bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee run by another loser, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The same mental midget who hired Imran Awan the Pakistani criminal who worked for Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee and many Democratic House members providing IT support. Practically all of Imran's family was working in various capacities somewhere on Capitol Hill for Democrats. The Awans all escaped justice and made it back to Pakistan. No telling how much classified information passed from the Democrats through the Awan family to unsecure servers and to countries and entities unknown.

Abuse of power?

The Mueller saga was a sad and costly waste of time. It didn't need to take two years to determine the obvious. However, I did enjoy the mumbling and bumbling public testimony of Robert Mueller who appeared not to know the contents of his own findings. The Democrats have an affinity for throwing their own under the bus.

Then came the FBI and CIA shenanigans. Operation Crossfire Hurricane appears to be an attempt to destroy President Trump but instead it is having the effect of destroying the American Presidency. I see the machinations of Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Ohr, Strzok, Clinesmith as treasonous. The American public want some of these miscreants punished. Americans want justice.

And now this Impeachment Civil War perpetrated by the unelected and apparently above-the-law intelligence operatives, their lapdog media, the House Democrats and their embedded and unelected bureaucrats. The media has lied and slanted information, so have some of the Democrats. It will be interesting if determined that Clapper and Brennan have lied under oath. It still amazes me that these clandestine folks turned themselves into unabashed media stars.

And when I think about abuse of power, I associate it with the Obama, Biden, Clinton, Kerry, Holder and Lynch cabal. For instance, the "accidental" tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch during the 2016 presidential campaign where Hillary Clinton was the Democrat candidate and after the discovery of Clinton using a jerry-rigged unsecure home email server to conduct sensitive United States government business. And who will ever forget the "Fast and Furious" gun running gambit that Obama and Eric Holder hid from the American public?  Executive privilege? One family that will never forget that abuse of power is the family of Border Agent Brian Terry who was murdered by a criminal using a Fast and Furious weapon.

Abuse of power?

The most visible and least discussed Obama abuse of power was his worldwide "Apology Tour". His leading from behind diplomatic abuse was responsible for the Arab Spring which caused the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow the government of Hosni Mubarak and throw a civilized Egypt into a Medieval crisis.

Abuse of power?

Hillary Clinton pitched in as well with her presentation of a "Reset" button to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov who did everything in his power to keep from laughing.  What Hillary's minions thought "Reset" meant in Russian didn't. How can a foreign adversary respect an American administration with foolishness like the "Reset". What a joke on America. Soon after Vladimir Putin and Russia occupied the Crimean Peninsula uninvited and annexed it.

The Obama, Biden, Clinton, Clapper and Brennan brain trust may well have had an illegal weapons-running operation in Libya which likely led to the overthrow of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Just prior I was the CEO of one of the world's largest energy contractors, a 108-year-old company that had conducted business in over sixty countries. At the time I ran the business, we had regional operations in Libya, Abu Dhabi, Oman and West Africa. I was on a tour of our Middle East operations and while in Libya I met with the former Libyan Prime Minister and senior officials of WAHA the Libyan National Oil Company. It was my practice to offer to meet with our United States ambassadors while in a foreign country. I offered to meet with Embassy Mission Amb. Chris Stevens while in Tripoli. He was out of the country, but I met with his senior staff.  My company had offices in Tripoli and Benghazi. I recall staying at the majestic Corinthia Hotel on the shores of the Mediterranean and remember that Green Square was a short walk. Libya was totally safe for foreigners, and I enjoyed many quiet evenings in Green Park with soft outdoor music and nice restaurants.

Gadhafi had cleaned up his act with a bit of past American military nudging and was working toward a Pan African Union welcoming sub Saharan Africans into the Libyan workforce and society. The Obama and Clinton leading from behind was the direct cause of the fatal attack on the United States diplomatic unit in Benghazi and the destruction of Libya as a sovereign nation. The Obama, Biden and Clinton playbook in Libya resulted in the murder of Amb. Chris Stevens and three of his embassy colleagues. I recall watching Susan Rice keeping a straight face and telling the world a bold-faced lie about a spontaneous demonstration in front of the U.S. diplomatic annex in Benghazi resulting from a YouTube video. Then watching the ceremony at Joint Base Andrews where the grieving families were lied to by Obama and Clinton. Ty Woods was one of the brave Americans who was sacrificed at Benghazi. He was a Navy Seal and was working at the Embassy as a CIA contractor. At that time, he was working for John Brennan, the now politicized television personality and media star. An American embarrassment.

I recall meeting the Gold Star widow of Ty Woods, Dr. Dorothy Narvaez-Woods and her son Kai at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.  She knows what really happened. She was quoted as saying that her husband's death "was ultimately handled with disrespect and negligence by both Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration". In the aftermath, Hillary Clinton couldn't even remember Chris Stevens name. Fact! Soon after, the Corinthia Hotel was attacked by ISIS terrorists with a car bomb, explosives and automatic weapons. Many deaths resulted. Green Square is now named Martyr's Square, and the WAHA Oil Company building where I met with their executives was attacked. Libya today is no longer a viable sovereign country thanks to Obama, Biden, Clinton and their leading from behind. In fact, the "stability that led to its prosperity has been shattered," BBC reported.

Abuse of power?

What Obama, Clinton and Rice called a spontaneous demonstration resulting from a YouTube video causing the Benghazi facility destruction and the deaths of four heroic American patriots was in fact a very well-organized and planned attack by hardened terrorists affiliated with Ansar al-Sharia and Al Qaida. The attack was executed with truck-mounted anti-aircraft weaponry firing Rocket-Propelled Grenades (RPG), mortars and automatic weapons. The attack lasted almost 13 hours. An amazing display of patriotism to hold out that long by three armed Americans. I know how long it takes a C-130 to cross the Mediterranean from Italy or an F-16.  Not long. There were multiple calls for help but no help came! Abuse of power or White House and Central Intelligence Agency incompetence? I think both. But we still see Biden, Clinton and Brennan pontificating on what is wrong with President Trump. That's called unfounded arrogance.

Speaking of America coming to rescue its own, in the spring of 1969 I was interviewed at Takhli Royal Thai Airbase Thailand and the 355th Fighter Wing by representatives of the Joint Personnel Rescue Center (JPRC) located in Saigon. They took identification photos, asked me to create identifying passwords, provided me with identification chits and instructed me on a rescue sequence in case I was shot down. What we all learned from Vietnam was that we would be rescued. That our guys were going to come rescue us wherever, whenever and quickly. I watched that happen time and again over Laos and North Vietnam. Why didn't we attempt to rescue our patriots and American Ambassador in Benghazi? Obama, Biden, Clinton and Brennan know the answer. And the answer is political. The four Americans in Benghazi were sacrificed by the Deep State and the Obama administration. If you push a lie, then you are stuck with it.  Sounds like the Obama, Biden, Clinton, Kerry years.

Abuse of power?

Amb. Stevens had begged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Arkansas flash, for more security which he deemed absolutely critical. But Hillary Clinton was busy with her own personal agendas. Too busy to save a guy whose name she couldn't remember given her focus on more important things like the tawdry Clinton Foundation's pay-to-play money grab utilizing her position as Secretary of State. The Clinton Foundation is required to file a public statement annually which all can review. Most real charities spend about 5-10% of their charitable giving each year on operating costs. The Clinton Foundation is the reverse. A charity or a money grab?  Easy answer.

It is obvious to the casual observer that the Obama, Biden, Clinton troika have had their hands in money-filled cookie jars worldwide. It's a Democratic thing and extends to their sides of the aisle in Congress. Selling their position and access for cash and favors. I am certain that money laundering will show its ugly head. Whether it’s in the Ukraine or Latvia or Cyprus which has become the money pit for nefarious international financial dealings. The Russians and the Democrats. The Ukraine saga of Joe and Hunter Biden is just pathetic and pitiful. I have forgotten more about the oil and gas business in the last millisecond than Hunter Biden can ever know in the next hundred years. Yet he was paid an enormous sum of money to sit on the board of an energy company, Burisma, where he doesn't speak the language and doesn't know its business. Please check and confirm how many board meetings Hunter Biden attended in person and how he has been compensated. Or better, why he served on that board in the first place. His parents must be very proud. I have served on public energy company boards since 1984, and all can see my attendance record. We will find out if Joe Biden while serving as Vice President received $900,000 as a consultant via the Ukraine. How is that possible? But then again how can the Democratic majority file impeachment charges against President Trump who has not done any of this criminal conduct? Easy answer.  The Left thinks it is above the law and they are certainly making that known to all.

Abuse of power?

The Lessons from the Obama, Biden, Clinton and Kerry years is that when the United States of America backs away from its international presence bad things happen. The leading from behind caused a perception of weakness. Look at the team. Obama had a half-page resume, had never run anything but his mouth and had no diplomatic experience. Ditto Biden and neither had served in the military. And Secretary of State Clinton, the Arkansas flash, had her Arkansas "Whitewater" and Rose Law Firm background to guide her with international diplomacy. What a joke! Of course, no military in Hillary's background. Kerry had some military but let's not go there to be politically correct. American weakness internationally spawned Russian, North Korean, and Iranian aggression. Look at the results from the past administration's leading from behind.

Abuse of power?

The Three Little Pigs — Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler — are looking incredibly stupid and so is the Democratic Party. Abuse of power and obstructing Congress.  Sound familiar?

John T. McNabb is co-founder of the Trump Leadership Council, vice chairman of the American Leadership Council and former chairman and CEO of Willbros Group. He also serves as chairman of the Free Press Foundation Advisory Board.

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