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FPI / November 14, 2023

In formulating his “Great Reset” amid the Covid pandemic, World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab demonstrated how the WEF was intent on gaining unprecedented control over every aspect of our lives. He was not operating alone however but collaborating with allies at the UN, World Bank, and World Health Organization (WHO).

The campaign to do just that, which began long before Covid, is well underway according to a new book.

Controligarchs” by Seamus Bruner comprehensively reveals the tactics the WEF is employing, including:

A central bank to implement digital currencies and digital IDs; “climate lockdowns” and rolling blackouts; expanding mandatory medical technologies; banning gas vehicles and stoves; developing lab-grown meats and insect-based proteins; pushing artificial intelligence (AI) and transhumanism.

In a preview of his book for Breitbart News, Bruner noted that, with its top members including corporate behemoths like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Google, Comcast, and Pfizer, along with asset manager BlackRock, whose founder and CEO Larry Fink is a WEF board member, the WEF’s market capitalization is greater than the GDP of every nation in the world except the United States.

A $20 trillion stable of backers makes it is easy to grasp why the WEF is able to exert so much influence on a global scale.

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are a driving force behind Schwab’s plan for total control.

According to BIS chairman Agustin Carstens, CBDCs offer “total control” over the money supply. With a CBDC, the globalist financial system could financially cancel (or “de-bank”) an individual, a corporation, a whole town, or even an entire country, Bruner notes.

The WEF proclaims there has been “exponential growth” in CBDC exploration.

In announcing the “Great Reset,” Schwab insisted that after everyone got the Covid vaccine, the lockdowns would end and the world would rebuild in a “greener” way.

“It was not obvious what the pandemic had to do with climate change then. It is now,” Bruner wrote.

California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is closely aligned with the WEF, “has lectured his constituents that their behavior must change and their comfort and freedom must be sacrificed for the greater good. His methods include limiting access to home thermostats, curtailing long distance travel, and, soon, eliminating gas vehicles and stoves,” Bruner noted.

Also closely aligned with Schwab and the WEF is Bill Gates.

At a 2010 event sponsored by the UN, Gates said that “vaccines are going to be the key,” because “you could register every birth on the cell phone, get fingerprints, get a location, then you could take these systems where you go around and make sure the immunization happens,” thereby running healthcare “in a more effective way.”

Last week, Bruner noted that the WEF’s partners, including the UN and the Gates Foundation, hosted an event titled “50-in-1” in which allies pledged to roll out digital ID systems across 50 countries within five years.


“Digital IDs linked to digital medical records stored on your cell phone are an incredibly effective way to track your vaccination status,” Bruner wrote.

Gates and several other WEF partners “have had a mandatory digital ID system in the works for more than a decade,” Burner added. “But COVID-19 vaccine passports demonstrated how digital IDs can be used to ruthlessly enforce citizen compliance.”

Bruner noted that the WEF “often sugarcoats the dystopian plans its partners are shaping, but Controligarchs sifted through hundreds of hours of forgotten videos and thousands of pages—many of which have been scrubbed from the Internet—to reveal that WEF visionaries like Yuval Noah Harari boldly tout innovations like brain microchips, happy pill-style complacency drugs, and eugenics-style gene editing.”

Make no mistake, Bruner added, “digital IDs plus CBDCs equals a de facto social-credit score. Game over.”

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