July 15, 2024
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  • 05/15/2024
FPI / May 10, 2024

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the feisty, petite ball of fire from Alpharetta, Georgia, is not only gunning for GOP Speaker Mike Johnson. She took to social media to eviscerate do-nothing Republicans who "refuse to break away from the Uniparty."

[Following are excerpts from MTG's post:]

Joe Biden is guilty of multiple abuses of power, corruption, getting rich from his family’s business deals with foreign countries, breaking his oath of office, and causing the daily invasion of the United States of America, AND the Democrats lie for him and protect him everyday.

Pres Trump has been viciously attacked by weaponized political abuse of power by the entire Democrat Party from the moment he committed the “crime” of beating Hillary Clinton in 2016 and he’s been proven INNOCENT every time and will be again.

Everything from Special Council Robert Mueller FAKE Russia collusion, impeachment HOAX #1, impeachment HOAX #2, all the way to now multiple CORRUPT state DA’s FAKE political trials to the Biden politically weaponized United States Department of Justice trying to put him in jail the REST OF HIS LIFE - A DEATH SENTENCE, all for the crime of having the audacity to refuse to quit and WINNING the 2024 Presidential race POLL AFTER POLL.


Talking about it on Fox News does nothing.

Hearings WITHOUT action have done nothing.

And PASSING THE DEMOCRATS ENTIRE AGENDA under a House Republican majority by a REPUBLICAN SPEAKER has done NOTHING to stop any of the worst political persecution in American history!!!

While the Republican establishment has always washed their hands and stood back while Pres Trump is politically persecuted, the American people NEVER LEFT HIM.

All this time our country is getting worse in every single way.

The Rich get richer and the poor get POORER and the middle class is in debt and going broke!

Our border is not a border, it’s become the open gateway to America to over 160 countries worldwide, controlled by the criminal cartels, where drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING is rampant!!

Our cities have turned into Gotham Cities where Democrat hatred for police reigns and criminals run free!!!

Inflation is running hot and seniors and the poor can barely afford to eat, homelessness has skyrocketed, and the YOUNG PEOPLE HAVE NO HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!!!!

And the Washington War Machine is driving the American people kicking and screaming into MORE FOREIGN WARS in order to keep the business model thriving with lies just like they lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!!!!!

The American people ARE FED UP!!!

They only have their hope in Donald John Trump, NOT the Republican Party, to fix anything.

While thankfully we have Pres Trump on the ballot in 2024, we will not have him on ballots after that, and the Republican Party has still not learned it’s lesson and has refused to break away from the Uniparty.

Relying on Democrat destruction in order to win elections is going to be a failed strategy when Republicans do not deliver results they promised which is where we are right now.

This election cycle, they are only turning out for TRUMP!

I completely agree with Pres Trump that Republicans need to unify but we need to unify together away from the Democrats.

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