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FPI / September 12, 2023

In 2022, 5-foot-10, 220-pound Ash Davis was voted the "hardest hitter" on his men's rugby team in Canada. In 2023, Davis decided to identify as "non-binary" and in the woke Great White North was allowed to play in the women's rugby league, where he promptly inured three women in one game.

"On June 23, reports began to circulate that a male player who identifies as 'non-binary' was removed from a women’s rugby match after he allegedly injured female competitors. Before he was removed from the game, three women had to stop playing and receive medical treatment due to the injuries they sustained while playing against him," Reduxx reported in July.

The report cited a source within the rugby club as saying there had been “much opposition” to Davis’s participation in the women’s category, but club members are concerned about speaking up out of “fear of being labeled transphobic.”

The sport of rugby in Canada is governed by Rugby Canada, which adopted an explicit “trans inclusion” policy in 2019.

According to the policy, rugby players in Canada “should be able to participate as the gender with which they identify and not be subject to requirements for disclosure of personal information beyond those required of cisgender athletes.”

The policy states that there is no requirement for a player to demonstrate they are medically or surgically transitioning prior to playing on the team of their choice.

Davis, who makes no effort to attempt to look female, plays for the Fergus Highlanders women's team in Ontario.

Female players with the Stony Creek squad playing against Davis in June said they felt as though they were being “hit by a bus on the field. Or a truck.”

One of the three women injured by Davis said: "I had never been hit like that before, even at the competitive women’s level. There was so much more brute force. There are women who are bigger than him, but no girl hits like that. This is a strong human."

In July, Rebel News reported on the Fergus game against Burlington (Burlington won, 47-21; presumably Fergus needs more men on the team): "We attempted to interview Ash. He ran from us; meanwhile, many of his teammates blocked our passage as they hysterically yelled, 'human rights' and 'trans women are real women.' It was astonishing. These young women are apparently so indoctrinated that they take no issue with this cheater playing against — and routinely injuring — real female players."

Rebel News reporter David Menzies attempted to interview Davis but was blocked by his teammates (see below), one of whom told the reporter to "leave my wife alone."

The Planet Fubar blog on Substack.com noted: "So Ash Davis is the wife? Oh Canada, I weep for thee. You have gone stark raving bonkers with the Woke lunacy.

Not too long ago, any male guilty of intentionally hurting women would have been invited to a “Come to Jesus” meeting by his fellow males and the behavior would have been stopped immediately. However, that’s no longer an option thanks to progressives."

The Canada Rugby rules, meanwhile, are not in line with the sport’s governing body, World Rugby, which said in a statement: “Transgender women may not currently play women's rugby. Why? Because of the size, force- and power-producing advantages conferred by testosterone during puberty and adolescence, and the resultant player welfare risks this creates.”

Davis is far from the only example of how the woke Left is all-in on the transgender movement.

In October of last year, WorldTribune.com reported that a biological male playing on a North Carolina girls high school volleyball team unleashed such a powerful spike that it resulted in severe head and neck injuries to the opposing female player who was hit by it.

The injured player, Payton McNabb, was interviewed recently by independent journalist Megyn Kelly:

Meanwhile, a recent Gallup Poll found that nearly 70 percent of respondents say that athletes born male should not be allowed to play against biological females.

"The numbers are notable because it shows that transgenderism has lost ground, and opposition has grown since the same question was asked in 2021 when 62 percent said they opposed transgender women playing alongside and against female athletes," Breitbart News reported.

The poll also saw an increase in those who feel it is “morally wrong” to “change one’s gender.” In 2021, 51 percent said gender affirmation was immoral. Today, it is 55 percent.

“Transgender sports participation has also become a major political flashpoint, and elected officials in conservative-leaning states have enacted laws to ban transgender athletes who were born male from competing against female athletes,” Gallup wrote in its news report on the poll. “At least 20 U.S. states now have such laws, and the Republican-led U.S. House recently passed a national ban.”

The federal ban is unlikely to pass the Senate, and Joe Biden has promised to veto it.

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