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FPI / August 15, 2019

The corporate media are so focused on taking down President Donald Trump that they are trying to convince the nation that it is about to enter into a recession, radio host Rush Limbaugh said.

“The Drive-Bys, they’re incorrigible. Now they are literally trying to once again talk the people of this country into a recession,” Limbaugh said on his Aug. 14 program. “Now they’re doing it with the inverted yield curve. And the whole problem here is the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is anti-Trump, is making a mess of the interest rate circumstance.”

So many “want rid of Trump that they’re going to stop at nothing. It doesn’t matter what damage they do to the economy or the country.”

Limbaugh’s advice to Americans: “Don’t participate, folks. If they want to throw a recession in the news, then let them have their recession in the news, but just don’t participate.”

Limbaugh continued: “I got a call from a guy, average ordinary guy, he said he was worried. I said, ‘What are you worried about?’ He said, ‘I’m doing really well. I mean, my economic life is good. But, man, I turn on the news and I’m hearing how everybody else in my town is about to fall off the edge.’

“I said, ‘This is exactly the point.’ There are two things at work here. You’re doing great because the economy’s doing great. You’re doing okay. The savings rate is even up. But then you turn on the news and you hear all the suffering, you hear about how it’s all about to go off the cliff. You hear about we’re on the verge of another recession, it could be the end of the country’s economy for a long time. It could be a repeat of 2008.’

“But you’re sitting there, you’re doing okay. So your reaction is, A, guilt. Oh my God, this is not fair, if I’m doing well — so you’re not permitted to enjoy your own reality because you’re pummeled every day with fake news about how the economy bottom is about to drop out.

“Don’t participate, folks.”

Limbaugh then mentioned a Wall Street Journal article headlined: Chinese Economy Weakens on Several Fronts as Trade War Rages.

“Now, you may have heard that Donald Trump just ‘blinked’ in the trade war with the ChiComs. Yeah, they didn’t report that the ChiComs ‘blinked’ last week when they tried to play the currency-manipulation game and lost. The ChiComs blinked in less than 24 hours and stopped playing the devaluation game. But now Trump has blinked. These people are obsessed,” Limbaugh said.

“A, they’re opposed to the trade war. They think Trump is making an economic mistake because they do not understand. People in media, in economics, do not understand it. They don’t know how to report it. They don’t know what tariffs actually are and how they raise money and how they don’t. They don’t understand the trade imbalance beyond the numbers. Yet they portray themselves as experts,” Limbaugh said.

The so-called experts are “out there claiming, ‘this trade war is bad! It’s bad. (sobbing) American farmers are starving. American farmers are going bankrupt; Trump doesn’t care!’ So Trump comes along and delays the imposition of September tariffs until December, and the media says, ‘Trump blinks!’ Now if they were consistent, they would be happy. They’d be happy, because all this economic damage they think is being done by tariffs will stop. It’s tough to keep up with these people. But all they can do is just attack Trump no matter what.”

Limbaugh continued: “You would never… Outside the Journal, you’ll not get anybody in mainstream economics that even understands the impact on China of this trade war. Because in their world, ‘China is making a fool out of Donald Trump,’ because that’s what they want the case to be. Trump’s trade war is doing great damage to the Chinese economy. The ChiComs just don’t react the way presidents in this country do, because the ChiComs don’t care about their people as much as people are cared about in capitalist countries.”

In communist countries, Limbaugh noted, people are by definition “just statistics. They’re just bodies to be shuffled around and moved around if they think the right thing — and if they don’t think the right thing, you send them off to re-education camp. The ChiComs have a billion people. If there were an old-fashioned ground war that broke out, the ChiComs wouldn’t care. They wouldn’t mind losing some number of people. They’ve got more than they can feed anyway. Every country looks at things differently.”

But, Limbaugh said, “when you have a media that hates Trump, every country is better than America because they hate Trump. That’s why we got all of this romanticization of communist countries and socialist countries. Anything, anything to rip into and to destroy Trump. Dirty little secret, though. Here’s a story from PJ Media: ‘Socialism Label Still a Drag at the Ballot Box’. The media’s not going to tell you this either, but the primary reason that Democrat candidates are running is why they’re going to lose.”

“There is no recession,” Limbaugh said, adding “But I’m telling you this: The financial people in this country are all leftist. You haven’t seen anything yet in their efforts to destroy Trump.”

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