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  • 10/24/2019
FPI / October 23, 2019

Democrats are now saying that their behind-closed-doors “impeachment inquiry” will likely go longer than planned.

In the meantime, radio host Rush Limbaugh noted during his Oct. 22 broadcast that President Donald Trump is “outperforming the Democrats in fundraising, and there’s internal polling on the Republican side suggesting that this impeachment thing is losing ground among Democrats and independents.”

“And don’t think that Schiff and his buddies, Pelosi, haven’t seen that data.”

The race to impeach Trump that the aforementioned Rep. Adam Schiff and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are running, Limbaugh said, “is not an impeachment … it is a deception.”

The impeachment inquiry is “nothing more than a sham bunch of interviews in a basement, and now Schiff is not even releasing the transcripts to Republicans, not allowing Republicans in,” Limbaugh said. “He is simply releasing a series of lies and out-of-context statements attributed to witnesses who, when they come out and see what they supposedly said, are, ‘I didn’t say that.’ ”

But, Limbaugh continued, “it doesn’t matter. Schiff leaks it, reports it, the media then amplifies it, and the American people get a totally distorted view of what witnesses are saying in this sham impeachment.”

The reason the “sham” inquiry will take longer than Democrats planned, Limbaugh said, is because Schiff and his team are claiming they are finding “so many abuses they didn’t even know about. Why, these witnesses are coming in and they’re telling stories about Trump that the Democrats had no idea of. And it’s expanding the scope.”

Limbaugh continued: “That is not what is going on. It’s the exact opposite! They aren’t finding any impeachable evidence. That’s the problem!”

But Schiff “and his band of just despicable partisans is reporting they’re learning so much. ‘Oh, my God. Trump has done so much. We had no idea.’ This is the guy who promised everybody he had evidence of Trump and Russia colluding, and he has yet to produce it. So they’re claiming their secret witnesses are providing them so much dirt on Trump, they need more time to investigate all these new leads,” Limbaugh said.

“But we know that is a lie. You know how we know that’s a lie? Because if there was any new dirt on Trump, Schiff would have immediately leaked it to the New York Times or the Washington Post.

“There haven’t been any new crimes reported by either of those stellar fake news sites. In fact, the Democrats’ real problem is that their star witnesses are crapping out on ’em. Big time.”

Those witnesses, Limbaugh said, “are providing them zero evidence of any criminal behavior, high crime behavior, misdemeanor behavior, impeachable offenses. There isn’t any! There are none. Instead of coming up with dirt on Trump they’re basically supporting everything Trump has said. We know that’s the case because not only are the Democrats refusing to release the transcripts of the testimony to the public, they won’t even release the transcripts to the Republican members on the House Intelligence Committee. That’s because Schiff needs to keep making it up, taking it out of context, the testimony of these witnesses.”

The truth, Limbaugh said, “is there’s panic city inside Schiff’s committee room. They’re not getting anything. So now they leak to the New York Times, ‘Oh, my God. We’re getting so much. We may not be able to get this done by Thanksgiving.’ Democrats in the media — New York Times, Washington Post — insisting the Democrats want to slow down the impeachment process in order to sharpen their case.”

The New York Times reported that the Democrats are planning a series of public hearings in the days before Christmas.

“What, Christmas? Christmas? — in order to make the simplest and most devastating possible public case in favor of removing Trump,” Limbaugh said.

“I kid you not. That is the Democrat talking point of the day. They are delaying because they want to make their case for removing Trump even more convincing ’cause they’re getting so many new leads. It is such a crock.”

In a New York Post article on Oct. 22, Steve Bannon predicts that Pelosi will impeach Trump in six weeks.

“That would be right around Thanksgiving,” Limbaugh said. “He is sure of it. That she’s not gonna be able to stop herself. She’s not gonna be able to help herself. She is so focused, he said, Bannon says she is so focused she’s gonna do this.

“The New York Times, Washington Post: Nope, not gonna make it by Thanksgiving. Too many leads, too many new crimes they have discovered. No time to investigate them all before Thanksgiving, so goes tale.

“They don’t have anything.”

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