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FPI / September 11, 2023

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

How much more evidence do people need to realize that the politicians who are allowed to be elected to high office in the nations of the West, be they of the “left” or  the “right,” are thoroughly owned by the same powerful entities seeking to change the very nature of Western civilization at the expense of the citizens of those countries?

Question: Does something really amount to a “betrayal” if there was every reason in the world to see it coming?

Big-box media outlets in America and Europe were strangely excited about the political rise of “far-right” Giorgia Meloni, who was elected Prime Minister of Italy in September of last year. As Corporate Watch wrote in July 2022:

We don’t pretend to be experts on Italian politics. Nevertheless... for an alleged “far right” fanatical nationalist who smacks of Mussolinian fascism, Meloni has a highly disturbing habit of speaking the international language of globalism.

Italians and observers across the world were led to believe that Meloni was a fiercely nationalist populist leader. This although she had repeatedly expressed the need for unified multi-national support for Ukraine, NATO and the globalist-speak “rules-based international order” in words that would make a Biden staffer blush:

“Russia is certainly a nation very close to the European dimension on a cultural level, but this does not detract from international law and the fact that Italy, which is part of the Atlantic Alliance, today must firmly, without hesitation, reaffirm that positioning and do everything that can be done to defend international law.”


“We are always for respect for the rules and for loyalty with our international allies who are part of the Atlantic alliance. Indeed, our parliamentarians who spoke today signaled that if Italy wanted to be more central, credible and more considered, perhaps it should respect constraints.”

“‘Far-right nationalists’ also are not in the habit of joining internationalist think tanks. Yet Meloni is a member of the notorious Aspen Institute,” we also noted. Meloni also voiced her support for vaccine mandates and a “digital green pass” vaccine requirement for individuals who wanted to travel in Europe. Fast forward a year and Meloni, who ran as a determined opponent of the Third World invasion of Italy by boat from North Africa, has now “surprisingly” conceded that such massive immigration is in fact essential to the country’s future.

“How Italy’s far-right leader learned to stop worrying and love migration,” Politico EU crowed in an Aug. 30 headline. A couple of things: 1) Politico EU is the same dominant progressive establishment site that we specifically pointed out in 2022 bizarrely toasted the rise of Meloni, declaring “this is her moment.” And 2), Politico EU is so in thrall to progressive establishment governing elites that it actually allowed French President Emmanuel Macron to edit for content the published text of an interview it conducted with him in April. This is how canned “democracy” has become in the West.

From the Aug. 30 Politico victory strut:

Meloni’s legal migration decree estimates Italy needs 833,000 new migrants over the next three years to fill in the gap in its labor force. It opens the door to 452,000 workers over the same period to fill seasonal jobs in sectors like agriculture and tourism as well as long-term positions like plumbers, electricians, care workers and mechanics.

“This is a super pragmatic behavior,” said Matteo Villa, a migration expert at the ISPI think tank in Italy. “There has been a change in narrative.”

But does this really amount to a change in narrative, or, as is par for the game, was the actual plot finally revealed to her staggered supporters once Meloni became safely ensconced in office? Conservative Hungarian news site Remix News described Meloni’s actions in terms that should be instantly recognizable to any American who has supported the Republican Party over the past 3+ decades:

She has in many ways mastered the art of issuing anti-woke platitudes to the Italian masses while promoting mass immigration at the same time. She has taken some token, nominally conservative positions, and used them to paper over her move toward the left on immigration.

She also talks tough on immigration, and for those ingesting quick soundbites, many may not be fully aware of the true state of affairs in Italy. This has kept her popular with low-information conservatives while at the same time protecting her from the wrath of Brussels and the liberal establishment in Europe, which have made various threats in the past if she should step out of line.

A look at the alleged other side of the political aisle in Europe finds another NATO enthusiast showing her true loyalties. Finland’s Sanna Marin was hailed as a feminist superhero when she became prime minister of the northern nation in 2019 at the young age of 34 as head of a leftist coalition. Her tenure was marred by a wild video of her partying with friends. In April, she lost her position in national elections. Fox News reported Sept. 7:

Former Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin is stepping away from politics after losing her leadership position in April....

"Time to move on," Marin said, according to Finnish public broadcaster YLE. "I am eager to step into a new role. I also believe that it can benefit the whole of Finland."

But not before she played her appointed role. Marin “has received wide recognition for her support of Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion and in Finland’s impending ascension into NATO,” Fox observed in April. And now she was out of a job. But not for long:

Marin announced [Sept. 7 that] she has accepted a position with the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, a London-based nonprofit.

"I believe that I can serve those voters (in Finland) well and maybe even better in the new assignment," Marin said at a press conference upon her departure.

Do we even have to tell you that the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change is a “partner” of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum? Or that Marin was a WEF “Young Global Leader” and a Davos regular during her time in office?

Anti-establishment leftists did not take the news well:

Oh, by the way, we mentioned last year that Giorgia Meloni had called herself a “right wing” Tony Blair. It's all a neat little circle, is it not?

“The progressive ruling establishment crosses all borders,” we added. “Which is to be expected considering its chief aim is to abolish those boundaries to erect its one-world order. Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron are all essentially indistinguishable in this regard. Each is the same flavor of servant on behalf of one grand overarching agenda.”

One year later, the power bloc could not be more obvious. And there just so happens to be an election coming up here in America next year.

“For a deeply unpopular ruling elite, the best way to remain in power at the moment may be to subvert and control the public backlash roiling against it,” we emphasized. South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem has publicly endorsed Donald Trump, the overwhelming favorite in all polling, for the GOP presidential nomination.

Politico was quick to respond. “Kristi Noem is suddenly front and center in the veepstakes,” the Sept. 8 headline to a fawning article read. Here’s all you need to know about the piece:

“She’s played her cards right,” said Dave Carney, a veteran Republican strategist based in New Hampshire. “She’s articulate. She has a lot of energy, and she might make an attractive ticket for the president.”

Hey, it’s Politico, would they ever steer you wrong?

This is how bogus big-box media “narratives” begin. Patriotic Italians can now tell you where they end.

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