June 18, 2024
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FPI / June 9, 2024

“A total mess,” posted researcher Garrett Ziegler about the Hunter Biden trial he is attending (apparently against the wishes of Hunter's current spouse Melissa Cohen Biden).

But heavy coverage of the torrid tabloid fare has aroused suspicions that this is a "show trial" of a different kind than that which last week convicted former President Donald Trump. Instead of downplaying Biden scandals per usual, major media descended on Biden's backyard in Wilmington, Delaware. A strategic distraction from far worse abuses of power by the current administration?

Ziegler's Marco Polo group published 'Report on the Biden Laptop' which unleashed a tsunami of international and independent media coverage and increased pressure on a not-very-transparent U.S. intelligence bureaucracy to act.

The report established a pattern of criminal behavior that the U.S. Department of Justice has been at pains to conceal from polite society.

In the trial, the FBI finally admitted, nearly four years late, that the "Laptop from hell" was indeed real and introduced it as evidence.

While deeming the trial a "limited hangout," Ziegler said he decided it would be "prudent" to attend as he is being sued by both Hunter Biden's legal team and his "sugar brother," Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris.

The spectacle has revealed to the entire world just what kind of people make up the current U.S. First Family.

On Thursday, Hunter Biden’s sister-in-law-turned-lover Hallie Biden testified on how Hunter got her addicted to crack cocaine and how she threw out the .38-caliber revolver prosecutors say Hunter illegally bought and owned.

Hallie, the widow of Hunter’s late brother, Beau Biden said she was “embarrassed” and regretted “that time of my life.”

Testifying under the promise of immunity, Hallie recalled the moment she found Hunter’s gun on Oct. 23, 2018.

She said she hadn’t seen the Biden son, now 54, for a while and he had shown up at her home either early that morning or late the previous evening looking worse for wear.

“He was tired, exhausted, looked like he hadn’t slept,” Hallie testified.

When prosecutor Leo Wise asked if Hunter was on drugs at the time, Hallie responded he “could have been.”

Hallie said she went to tidy up Hunter’s Ford Raptor truck “to clean out any drugs or alcohol in the car … in an effort to help him get or stay sober.”

Asked what she found inside, Hallie said: “Aside from trash and clothes, I found remnants of crack cocaine, paraphernalia — oh, and the gun, obviously.”

“I panicked and I wanted to get rid of them,” she said of the Colt Cobra revolver and ammunition. “I didn’t want him to hurt himself or [for] my kids to find it and hurt themselves.”

“I considered hiding it somewhere but I was afraid one of my children would find it,” she explained. “I was afraid to kind of touch it. I didn’t know if it was loaded.”

Hallie said she fetched a plastic shopping bag and put the gun inside. Realizing the weapon was still recognizable through the bag, she grabbed a brown leather pouch, shoved the firearm inside, drove to the local grocery store and tossed it into the garbage.

Hallie said when she told Hunter about what she’d done with the gun, he told her “to go look for it.”

“When I looked for it and didn’t find it, he told me to file a police report for it,” Hallie said. “Because it was registered in his name.”

While prosecutors don’t have to prove that Hunter was high when he bought the gun, but they do need to show that he was using drugs around that time.

Defense attorney Abbe Lowell has argued that Hunter was struggling with alcohol abuse, not drug abuse, at the time prosecutors say he lied about his crack addiction on a gun purchase form.

The New York Post's Miranda Devine noted:
A very Delawarean tragedy played out in room 4A at the district courthouse in Wilmington Thursday as Hallie Biden testified for the prosecution at her former lover Hunter Biden’s felony gun trial.

The president’s widowed daughter-in-law was supposed to become the first lady of Delaware, maybe first lady of the United States, a Wilmington native told me while observing the day’s drama.

But Joseph Robinette “Beau” Biden III died in 2015 of brain cancer, aged 46, leaving Hallie bereft and dashing Joe Biden’s dream that his first-born golden child’s political career as Delaware attorney general would soar to the heights that he, himself, would reach five years later.

So, instead, here was Hallie, 50, in the witness box, having to tell strangers about the torrid affair and crack addiction she shared with her late husband’s black-sheep brother in the ensuing three years.
Legacy media has dedicated heavy coverage of the Hunter Biden trial:

Some in independent media have noted that establishment med outlets are doing so to be able to claim that other high profile defendants must be getting fair treatment in the courts if Joe Biden's son can also be on trial.

News Africa's Simon Ateba noted:
On MSNBC, they said, "How can Trump’s prosecution be politically motivated since Hunter Biden is on trial, since Democratic Senator Bob Menendez has been charged, since a Democratic Congressman in Texas, Henry Cuellar, has been charged, and since the Democrat mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, is under FBI investigation?" They asked, "How can Biden allow his own son to be put on trial and other Democrats to be charged?" But here is the reality: Hunter Biden was never supposed to be on trial. It was a judge who doomed their sweetheart deal. More importantly, Hunter Biden will be found innocent in Delaware. Some jurors will side with him, and Biden won’t need to pardon him. He will claim his son was always innocent. In Texas, the Congressman was critical of Biden over the handling of the border. In New York, Eric Adams was critical of Biden as well. They also want to replace Bob Menendez. So, in reality, all those cases confirm what Trump has alleged: the weaponization of the justice system against political enemies.

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