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FPI / April 15, 2024

[Sixth in a series of excerpts from 'Report on the Biden Laptop' by the Marco Polo Research Group, founded by former Trump White House official Garrett Ziegler.*]

The Biden Laptop suppression operation by the corporate press, social media oligopoly, and officials associated with the intelligence community was only possible because of the now-verified hoax that Russians hacked the DNC in 2016.

The political dividends that the lie paid out were quite considerable: Numerous congressional and DOJ investigations commenced. Ergo, when evidence surfaced proving that the pResident, his son, and their associates committed numerous federal felonies, the same people who received dividends went back to that trough of lies so that they could throw cold water on the laptop’s evidence and dispute its provenance. To this day, Hunter repeats the fairy tale that “Russian intelligence” was behind the material from the laptop which he forgot to pick up at Mac Isaac’s shop.

In the midst of (and after) this suppression operation, multiple U.S. officials (some of whom unknowingly enabled Hunter’s FARA violations with Burisma) have submitted toothless resolutions and letters.

Marco Polo sought to bring clarity to this thick fog of lies.

Conversely, the first people to be made aware of the Biden Laptop made numerous mistakes. Rudy Giuliani, who is technically deficient, did not convene forensic experts to verify the authenticity of the material, especially the emails which Giuliani handed to the New York Post.

Additionally, GUO Wengui “Miles” was given a copy — chaos ensued. GUO’s site, GNews, under the banner of battling the CCP, perpetrated numerous hoaxes about the content on the Biden Laptop. For example, GNews stated that Hunter had sex with Malia Obama and that he used her credit card to ingest cocaine.

GUO’s lieutenant, WANG Dinggang, was largely responsible for the proliferation of these lies, which gave the press an excuse to cast doubt on any material said to be from the laptop.

Regardless, the numerous (and somewhat pathetic) mistakes by the first people to bring attention to the laptop’s crimes were no excuse for the sheer incuriosity displayed by the mainstream media.

Indeed, spin doctors in the press simply repeated the lie that the laptop was “unverified,” when, in fact, their biases and laziness were the key reasons that it remained “unverified.” These biases also prevented them from reporting on Joe’s hypocrisy during the presidential campaign — when it really mattered — about so-called “dark money,” for which Joe set a record.

Furthermore, even after numerous misdeeds by the FBI during the Biden Laptop investigation came to light, many in the press have put forth only “modified limited hangouts” about the laptop.

Even John F. Kennedy, who many consider to be a media darling, received more criticism about his sins than Joe.

This Report lays out how Joe is the patriarch of a family filled with drunks, drug abusers, and sex addicts. Coupled with the Biden family’s well-documented penchant for shoveling in cash from overseas, those abuses have created national security and foreign espionage threats for the U.S.

Marco Polo endeavored to chronicle the crimes on the Biden Laptop in a copacetic manner. This endeavor was not undertaken merely for historical purposes, although that is a worthwhile reason in its own right.

This report was written, in large part, because the crimes on the Biden Laptop are affecting America right now.

Firing off more questions to feds at congressional hearings — where they hide behind the excuse of “not commenting on ongoing investigations”—will get us nowhere. In fact, astute observers have posited that the feds want the investigation into the Bidens to be “open” perpetually so that they can hide behind the shield of “not commenting.”

While our research group is not in the business of formally endorsing legislation, efforts to “rename” the FARA to something that “elicits less stigma” is a proposal so ridiculous that only an organization as biased as the American Bar Association could champion it as a plausible remedy for our foreign influence problems.

To the contrary, multiple legislators have recognized the need to strengthen enforcement of the FARA.

Marco Polo’s role is to tell the full, nuanced truth — no matter who it implicates — and that is why this Report is being sent to the U.S. Marshals Service, several U.S. Attorney offices, and select field offices of the FBI, along with dozens of state, county, and municipal law enforcement entities.

We have no illusions about the challenge of finding federal officials who are not compromised or distracted. Even U.S. senators who have, in the past, been committed to holding the Bidens accountable get distracted with trivial matters at a time when the stakes could not be higher.

The good news is that this Report is a simple roadmap of steps that any level of law enforcement can take: Who to subpoena, for which time period, and where. ….

Prosecutors now have no excuse to sit on their hands; This Report explained the self-dealing tango in detail.

AP will not publish this series. You can with FPI.
* The voluminous footnotes for 'Report on the Biden Laptop' are available online and with the purchased edition.

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