May 20, 2024
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FPI / April 15, 2024

Across Europe in recent month, massive numbers of farmers have been protesting about high taxes, climate alarmism, and cheap imported goods, among other things.

But Dutch Member of European Parliament (MEP) Rob Roos, in an interview with The Highwire, said the larger picture shows that the incredibly disconnected global elite ruling class has decided that human beings are “living wrongly” and, quite literally, that “everything must change.”

The ruling elites are out to crush the farmers with a myriad of regulations and then engage in trade agreements with the entire world, all under the guise of climate change.

“Once farmers are out of the picture, this reliance on the global elite’s strategy for food is guaranteed to end freedom and basic life as we know it,” Tracy Beanz and Michelle Edwards wrote for The Highwire.

As Roos put it: “No farmers, no food, no future.”

Roos is a member of the center-right EU Parliament group called the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Group and was a successful businessman before entering politics.

Earlier this year, at the ECR Group’s meeting in Poland, Roos outlined the six ways the “bureaucrats and centralists in Brussels are addicted to power.”

Impossible to miss, they are the same calculated schemes that the corrupt leaders in the United States addicted to power use, as present-day goings-on confirm. Roos explained:
First, they use and abuse every crisis: financial crisis, covid crisis, Ukraine crisis, energy crisis. And the solution is always the same … more European Union. If there’s no crisis … they create a crisis. For example, climate change; they call it an existential threat and the solution is the Green Deal. The Green Deal destroyed our energy system [and] it is destroying our food system. They are trying to control CO2. If you control CO2, you control people because everything we do in life is about CO2 emissions: living, breathing, eating, traveling. So, if you can control that, you can control people’s lives.

Second, there is the war on disinformation. “It’s about the end of free speech. It’s about censorship. Free speech is not only a right, it’s an obligation.” “But now they have introduced the digital identity and the central bank digital currency. So, they can see everything we do and they can control everything we do because they can shut off our financial system whenever they want. We have seen it already in Canada during the COVID crisis.”

Thirdly, there is a “go trail” in existing treaties. For example, the 800-billion-euro common debt via the COVID Recovery Fund. Nothing is as permanent as something temporarily implemented by the bureaucrats.

Fourthly, the EU centralists simulate democracy “participation” by sitting at the table with so-called non-governmental organizations (“NGOs”) that are paid for by the same governments. “The European Union spent 3.7 billion euros per year for left-liberal hobbies: immigration, gender policies, climate change.”

Fifthly, EU law supersedes national law. “That’s a problem because the [European Court of Justice] is politicised.”

Sixth and final way the EU bureaucrats in Brussels gain more power is through changing treaties.
“Even if a small part of these treaty changes is adopted, they will gain much more power and it will turn our nation states into provinces of Brussels. National parliaments [won’t be] relevant anymore. People [will] go out [to] vote just for show because almost everything will be decided in Brussels," Roos said.

Roos continued: “We are facing a gigantic machine that is called the European Commission, where 35,000 civil servants work on a daily basis to an ever-closer Union. And they will use everything they can to reach that goal. We are heading to a big European superstate. They want to abolish the nation-state because once that happens, they have complete control. We are heading to what I call a new kind of communism … It’s a communism of technocrats.”

Honor their memory: The ‘shot heard round the world’

Beanz and Edwards pointed out that “Without question, the takeover that Roos is describing in the European Union is also in the United States.”

As Del Bigtree noted in his recent interview with Roos (see video below), in America, corporations now have incredible influence in Washington, D.C., and are essentially “taking over our government.” Del remarked, “It seems like we are watching politicians work against the best interest of their own people, of their own citizens, of their own economies” because of the pressure entities like the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) impose on nations to go against the best interests of the citizens they’re supposed to protect.

Roos remarked:

“Well, first of all, I hope that the Republicans can be united and, whoever the presidential candidate will be, that they all support him because the Democrats are — we call them liberals, but we should stop calling them liberals because they are the anti-liberal. The Republicans, that is my only hope. Here in Europe, we see a really a big shift in all the European nation-states. We see the conservatives are coming up. So there is hope. First of all, we should take back the educational system, teach our children how to read and how to write and stop all this gender policy this crazy gender policy.

“Then we should also take over the institutions because I think what we did wrong as classic liberals or conservatives. We said, okay, you can have the education, you can have the culture, let us do the economy. But that was a huge mistake. Culture is very important. Wow. We see Netflix is changing people’s lives, so take back the education system, take back the culture, and also take back the economy.

“We have a lot of work to do. For the sake of our children and our grandchildren, our main goal must be to stop the globalists.”


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