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FPI / August 23, 2019


Corporate WATCH

By Joe Schaeffer

Of all the companies we've been looking at with ties to radical organizations, one has really stood out for the ubiquity of the "diversity" and "inclusion" mantra in its corporate culture.

United Parcel Service lists four different diversity executives in its 2017 Social Impact report (see page 68 of 70). There is a Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, a Director of Global Diversity & Inclusion and two Global Diversity & Inclusion Managers.

This compulsion is shared throughout the executive hallways of the parcel delivery giant. Scott Horton is the owner of Delta Concepts Consulting Inc., which has the stated mission of focusing on "recognizing and mitigating the impact of unconscious bias within organizations' talent management processes." UPS is an enthusiastic client of his.

A featured testimonial on the Delta Concepts website by UPS diversity officer Sue Schmidlkofer enthuses, "[i]n 2014, we partnered with Scott to develop a pilot for unconscious bias training for our domestic and global managers. UPS leaders continue to cite the training from Scott and his team as one of the best learning experiences of their careers."

Here is a picture of the Delta Concepts team that educates UPS executives on the hidden biases lurking deep within their brains. That's a lot more than a thousand words, isn't it?

In an April post on the Delta Concepts website, Horton describes a workplace training method he calls "Nudging Our Brains Towards Inclusion." He asserts that, "[w]e can (and should) use our intentional brain – think of it as the clutch on the engine, or the rider on the 'wild elephant' – to disrupt conditioned patterns of thought and biases in order to be more inclusive, fair and equitable." Horton describes this as a needed process to "Convert Judgements [sic] to “Nudge-ments." Wince.

"I encourage you to 'nudge' your mind, the minds of others you work with, and our decision making at work," Horton states in an eerily guru-like way. "These 'process nudges' can serve to minimize bias and create greater belongingness while gaining access to a broader range of talent we might be missing out on when we allow our blind spots to run the show."

In other words, Horton is saying that corporate managers should fight unconscious bias in the workplace by practicing deliberate bias instead. In June, UPS exec Schmidlkofer tweeted out a photo of company "leaders" performing a "Move the Line" exercise with a Delta Concepts consultant. They really take all this seriously. It all seems rather nutty and more than a bit inane but beneath the lighthearted surface of Stovall and Delta Concepts as they trumpet racial obsession and consciousness cleansing there lurks a disturbing endorsement of thought control and acute social justice stridency.

A look at the fruits of UPS's diversity engagement shows these smiling, happy progressive faces generate a corporate culture that supports the worst rotgut evil of the modern globalist agenda – abortion, transgender kids and the Third World invasion that threatens to overrun the nations of the West.

UPS is a corporate supporter of Girls Inc., a female empowerment group that staunchly advocates for the murder of the unborn. The organization was a core backer of the radical feminist Women’s March and its top leadership has longstanding close ties to Planned Parenthood. In 2008 reported that Girls Inc. teamed up with PP to host pro-abortion workshops for high school students.

UPS also has a "successful and innovative long partnership" with CARE, an NGO that pushes progressive social issues as it "aids refugees" worldwide. CARE has repeatedly denounced the Mexico City Policy in which Republican presidents have at times cut off U.S. financial assistance to organizations that provide abortion referrals or counseling. CARE also backs the refugee floodtide into America.

"Refugees are engines of economic and cultural activity that enrich us all," CARE CEO Michelle Nunn stated in a September article decrying Trump administration efforts to reduce the numbers of refugees pouring into the U.S. "At a time when immigration is at historic lows and the U.S. needs to remain competitive in the global economy, it should be a no-brainer to welcome refugees to the United States."

The UPS Foundation is listed as a "Global Leadership Council" donor in the CARE 2018 annual report. That listing covers supporters who have given over $1 million to the organization over the years. Other companies in that rarified air include Cargill, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Nike, PepsiCo., Starbucks, Visa and Walmart.

In its 2017 social impact report linked to at the top of this article (see page 37 of 70), UPS boasts of its LGBTQ Inclusion efforts in partnership with the powerful homosexual rights organization Human Rights Campaign. "The UPS Foundation provided a $225,000 grant to support the expansion of HRC’s Corporate Equality Index and Global Workplace Equality Programs," the company states in the report. "HRC’s work has established guidelines to implement LGBT-inclusive policies for more than 14.5 million employees worldwide across major corporations, U.S. multinationals, and top businesses in Latin America," the report continues.

The report features a transgender activist in Chile who has benefited from UPS's corporate largesse. “I would like to continue sharing my story and inspire transgender youth to live authentically without sacrificing their dreams," the activist said. There you have it. The iconic brown trucks of United Parcel Service are helping to warp the gender identities of Chilean children.

It should be no surprise then that UPS is also a major donor to GLAAD, the heavyweight homosexual rights group that, as we detailed in last week's expose, has helped promote pedophilia propaganda through its film awards ceremonies and via the actions of a member of its board of directors.

Turning back to that race obsession, UPS is a corporate "partner" of the National Urban League, a radical black organization that hails notorious conman Al Sharpton and corruption-tainted Baltimore politician Rep. Elijah Cummings, Maryland Democrat, as heroes. NUL also shockingly promotes abortion as a key plank in the Black "Movement."

Other National Urban League corporate supporters include AT&T, Mastercard, Nationwide Insurance, Shell Oil, State Farm, Toyota, Walmart and Wells Fargo. Finally, UPS is all in on the assault on our sovereign nation by unchecked waves of "migrants" and illegal aliens. The company is a member of the Corporate Board of Advisors for Unidos US, the radical pro-immigration organization formerly known as the National Council of La Raza ("The Race").

In April Unidos showered special praise on "its anchor donors, companies, and foundations that have supported the [organization's Campaign for Equal Opportunity] with gifts of $1 million or above." A highlight of that Campaign is titled "Living Without Fear." "Through legalization, 6.5 million Latino immigrants would come out of the shadows as full participants in our society," the action item reads. UPS is prominently mentioned as an anchor donor to the campaign, along with Bank of America, Comcast NBCUniversal Telemundo, Prudential Financial, State Farm and Walmart.

UPS Director for Global Public Affairs Maria Luisa Boyce is a member of the Board of Directors of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI), an organization that claims to be nonpartisan while championing all the usual pro-immigration talking points and slamming Trump administration policies aimed at securing our southern border. Boyce is also a Corporate Board member for the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI), which proclaims itself as "the premier organization founded by Members of Congress and corporate leaders to advance the Hispanic community's economic progress with a focus on social responsibility and global competitiveness."

Fervent support for illegal alien Dreamers is apparently a crucial part of that economic agenda. As is pushing for expanded H-1B and other work visas for foreigners so they can take American jobs. The Swamp-infested CHLI has bipartisan congressional ties. Its "Leadership in Public Service Award" has been bestowed upon the likes of former Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Illinois Democrat, perhaps the most radical pro-illegal immigration politician ever to win a seat in Congress, and feckless elitist RINO Jeb Bush.

UPS has embarked upon a total corporate commitment to the ugliest facets of the globalist agenda. Behind the bright smiles that wreath Big Brown's diversity and inclusion training programs one finds a literal Pandora's Box of nation-destroying plagues that threaten to eradicate the heritage of freedom bequeathed to the citizens of the United States by our Founding Fathers.

Joe Schaeffer is the former Managing Editor of The Washington Times National Weekly Edition. His columns appear at,, and

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