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FPI / January 31, 2023

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

Major American cities are literally signing themselves over to a transnational ruling order at the behest of the installed globalist puppets in the White House.

As Corporate Watch has reported, U.S. cities are the tip of the spear in destroying the American sovereign nation state.

The Biden administration is using a State Department led by Antony Blinken, a man with intimate family ties to progressive billionaire George Soros, to inundate the country with Third World immigrants and refugees at the same time that former two-term Republican president George W. Bush’s presidential center is specifically citing the need for more foreigners to flood into American urban areas.

The elitist progressive ruling establishment clearly considers the urban card to be a major point of emphasis in enacting its internationalist agenda. The evidence that it is working can be seen on state election maps. Cities that are constantly growing, getting bigger and bigger, stand out like huge blue aircraft carriers amid a rural red sea of voters not tethered to the cosmopolitan values that make up the spiritual core of globalism.

The network is elaborate. On Jan. 18, the German Marshall Fund of the United States, yet another meddlesome organization in service to the globalist elites, announced that “100 mayors from five continents endorse the Global Declaration of Mayors for Democracy, promoted collaboratively by the Global Parliament of Mayors, GMF Cities, and the Pact of Free Cities.” The news came on the very same day that Blinken gave the keynote address at the at the United States Conference of Mayors’ 91st Winter Meeting.

Why would a secretary of State, whose work is wholly devoted to foreign policy, feel the need to speak to an audience of American mayors?

Blinken informed the mayors that they can rely on the Biden State Department to help connect them to international governing bodies. “So we’re here to accelerate that engagement, to support it, including by connecting you with our partners beyond our borders, like fellow mayors, as well as national governments, businesses, multilateral organizations,” Blinken declared. “Join us in initiatives like the Open Government Partnership,” he continued. “Sign onto the Global Mayors Declaration for Democracy to defend the rule of law, to empower our citizens, to help fight corruption.”

The Marshall Fund’s website reveals the details of this Global Mayors Declaration, which was totally hatched by and is tied to an internationalist governing order:

The declaration was highlighted in the G7 communiqué of the ministerial meeting on sustainable urban development in September 2022 as an important example of cities taking responsibility for addressing global challenges and playing a critical role in “democratic innovation”. The declaration and its signers will be announced at the second White House Summit for Democracy on March 29-30, 2023.

The document makes clear what signers are pledging devotion to:

Recognizing the growing role and added value of our cities and its residents in tackling these global challenges;

Recognizing the responsibility of cities in protecting and promoting our common values of freedom, human dignity, democracy, equality, human and civil rights, rule of law, freedom of the media, social justice, tolerance, and cultural diversity.

The list of signers include a disturbing number of American cities currently binding themselves to an internationalist governing plan, including:

Atlanta, Denver, Fort Collins, Colo., Jackson, Mississippi, Los Angeles, Madison, Wisc., Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Portland, Oregon, Rochester Hills, Michigan, San Antonio, Seattle, St. Louis.

These are all now “Global Mayors for Democracy cities.” What does that entail?

From climate change to racial injustice, cities and their citizens are on the frontlines of global challenges. GMF Cities connects the United States and Europe at the city level to address our shared challenges. Our high-impact gatherings, peer exchanges, and applied research spark transformative change: When cities learn from and build on each other’s initiatives, the best policies and practices can be replicated at scale.

Note the crucial word in the following paragraph:

Our theory of change in cities involves, and even requires, cross-sector collective action around a shared mission tapping all sectors. We recognize the importance of public sector involvement to achieve scale and systems change and the need to drive private sector involvement and investment toward social good. We spread innovative practices and policies to cities using creative platforms and approaches.

It is abundantly clear that the global mayors are not merely meant to exchange useful ideas from one city to another. This is about establishing authoritative policymaking for local American towns at the international level. “As a team, GMF Cities” are “translators of international dialogue and debate” and “curators of impactful convenings,” the Marshall Fund proclaims. Collective action flowing from international convenings. That is the plan. This is how you destroy national sovereignty:

Provocateurs that bring out the best in civil discourse and local leadership Baltimore to Bilbao. Leipzig to New Orleans. Oakland to Essen. We help cities learn from each other and change how they serve their citizens. Together with partners, we spread what works now in democratic values and governance from the municipal to the multinational.

Again we remind you of Blinken’s shockingly close ties to George Soros. Naturally, Soros’s Open Society Foundation lavishly funds the German Marshall Fund (see $100,000-$999,999 range). Other major donors include Big Tech behemoths Amazon, Google and Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation, and corporate supporters Boeing, Exxon and Deloitte. Under the “$1 Million and Above” category one finds the U.S. Agency For International Development.

That would mean you, American taxpayer, side by side with George Soros.

The Marshall Fund Board of Directors is a familiar mix of corporate faces, political establishment hangers-on and big-box media types. Former North Dakota Democrat U.S. senator Heidi Heitkamp and Trump-bashing ex-Texas GOP U.S. Rep. Will Hurd, a former CIA agent, are on the board, as are Washington Post columnist David Ignatius and New York Times Pentagon Correspondent Helene Cooper.

Wall Street powerhouse firm Goldman Sachs is represented by its Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel Kathryn H. Ruemmler. Before joining Goldman, Ruemmler served as White House Counsel to Barack Obama. In his address to U.S. mayors, Blinken stated that Americans must accept having internationalist organizations such as the United Nations decide how modern technology will affect their lives:

A lot of these rules get shaped in windowless conference rooms around the world, sometimes in the United Nations system. That’s where it’s actually happening. That’s where decisions are made that actually affect the way that everyone gets to use this technology.

When will the citizens of this country wake up and realize that their ever-growing cities are being weaponized against them to destroy the American nation state and hand over the carcass to the tyranny of world governance?

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