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[Fifth in a series of excerpts from 'Report on the Biden Laptop' by the Marco Polo Research Group, founded by former Trump White House official Garrett Ziegler.* Editor's Note: For readers dazed by the complexities and "narratives" surrounding the Hunter Biden laptop, the Timeline below helps cut through the fog.]

For those wondering how Hunter simply forgot to pick up his laptop from a repair shop, keep in mind that he lost two other laptops within the same year — in the summer and fall of 2018. For those who are still unconvinced, the following 600 pages will shed light on Hunter’s state of mind. Along with smoking shards of Parmesan cheese and “picking through rugs” to find any extra droppings, he conceded that he was incapable of ensuring that he was wearing pants. The contents of the Biden Laptop confirmed Hunter’s admission — he lost his iPhone at least 57 times, according to his email inbox.

The Biden family displayed such horrendous “OpSec” that they are a confirmed national security threat. Here is but one example: Hunter saved a photo of the gate code and Wi-Fi password (on stationery Joe snagged from the Naval Observatory before leaving in January 2017, no less) at Joe’s palatial estate, a rental home along the Potomac River on Chain Bridge Road in McLean.

As you will read in this Report, the pimps that Hunter patronized and the women he used would exploit his carelessness and could still — to this day — use similar information to America’s detriment.

The Biden family and their associates — and their sprawling political syndicate — continue to leave a horrendous digital trail. Within months of Joe’s pResidential oath, the family’s personal Venmo accounts were found within ten minutes of searching because the accounts were not concealed in any way — they possessed conspicuous and easy-to-guess usernames. Said differently, anyone with an Internet connection and a checking account in America would have been able to construct a link analysis of who the Biden clan was paying for which products and services, for what purpose, and when. Luckily, the establishment media alerted the White House before such a scenario arose. In fact, Venmo even changed their source code to guard against this kind of negligence in the future.

Take the example of Hunter losing his wallet, passport, and Joe’s “DOD card.” Hunter got lucky, and the person who found them called the Yale Club to return the items. The email [above] did not say that the items were found at the Yale Club; for all we know, Hunter could have lost them in the streets of Manhattan. The director of member services at the Club merely stated that someone had found the items, including Hunter’s membership card. With this backdrop, consider the following statement from the pResident: “He [Hunter] is the smartest man I know — I mean, from a pure intellectual capacity.”

In spite of the fact that the family’s patriarch is now the most powerful man on Earth, the carelessness that the clan exudes has continued unabated. Earlier this year, Hunter’s daughter, Maisy, dropped her wallet — replete with PII and other sensitive information — in a parking lot in LA. Again, Joe’s progeny lucked out: the person who found the wallet did not seek to capitalize on it but returned it.

TIMELINE With the foregoing background in mind, this is a comprehensive timeline of the Biden Laptop saga:

2010March 2: John Paul Mac Isaac registered The Mac Shop, Inc. in Delaware

2013May 7: Hunter received two waivers — for his age and a previous cocaine offense — in order to be commissioned as an ensign in the Navy reserves to a sedentary post in the public affairs unit ‣

June: On the very first day of his Navy duty in Norfolk, Virginia, Hunter failed a drug test ‣

December 2: Hunter flew with Joe on Air Force Two to China and met with his business partners, which included executives at the state-owned Bank of China, and introduced Joe to one of them

]2014February 16: Hunter and his attorney, Thomas Gallagher, were notified by the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Juan Garcia III, that Hunter had been administratively discharged for cocaine use ‣

February 21: After months of Western-backed protests, the Ukrainian parliament voted to oust President Viktor YANUKOVYCH; in the following days, YANUKOVYCH sought exile in Russia ‣ March 16: In response to an article that Hunter emailed to his longtime business partner, Devon Archer, entitled, “Joe Biden Lurks Behind Every U.S. Action on Ukraine,” Archer responded: There is a “unique timing here in this upcoming opportunity. One door closes [and] another opens.” ‣

April 1: Archer joined the board of Burisma, a Cypriot-registered gas company in the Ukraine which was co-founded by Mykola ZLOCHEVSKY — who served as an advisor to YANUKOVYCH — even though Archer had no experience working in the Ukraine and did not speak the language ‣

April 12: The White House released a statement announcing Joe would visit the Ukraine in ten days to “consult on the latest steps to enhance Ukraine’s short- and long-term energy security.” ‣

April 13 at 12:43 AM: Hunter emailed Archer an extremely long memo about leveraging Joe’s position as the “public face” of the U.S. administration’s policy in the Ukraine: “The [Burisma] contract should begin now- not after the upcoming visit of my guy [Joe]. That [Burisma contract] should include a retainer in the range of [$]25k p[er]/m[onth] w/ additional fees where appropriate for more in depth work to go to BSF [Boies Schiller Flexner LLP] for our protection” ‣

April 16: Archer visited Joe at the White House under the pretense of his son’s school project ‣

April 18: Hunter joined the board of Burisma, even though he, too, had zero experience working in in the energy sector, or the Ukraine, and did not speak the language ‣

April 21: Joe arrived in the Ukraine; during the transatlantic flight, Joe’s staff briefed reporters about the U.S. plan to help the Ukraine extract their “unconventional” gas resources, for which Burisma held a current license ‣

April 23: Archer gave an interview, which was later posted on Burisma’s website, about how Archer “knows” the U.S. Secretary of State (John Kerry) and Joe ‣

April 25: Joe was reported as the “public face of the administration’s handling of [the] Ukraine” ‣

April 28: Authorities in the United Kingdom froze $23 million from the London bank accounts of ZLOCHEVSKY, one of Burisma’s key owners ‣

May 12: Burisma publicly announced that Hunter joined its board ‣

May 13: Burisma posted a photo of Joe and Archer at the White House on their website. Joe’s lawyer demanded that Burisma remove the photo; eventually, Burisma complied with the demand ‣

September 10: Archer committed one of his many FARA violations by advocating to U.S. officials at the U.S. embassy in Kyiv as an unregistered agent on behalf of Burisma, his foreign principal

2015February 16: Hunter violated the FARA and lobbied the U.S. State Department on behalf of ZLOCHEVSKY to strong-arm the Mexican government in an effort to secure safe passage for ZLOCHEVSKY’s trip to Mexico (ZLOCHEVSKY was justifiably worried about being denied entry) ‣

April 17: Vadym POZHARSKYI, an in-house advisor to Burisma’s board, thanked Hunter for the opportunity to meet with Joe the previous evening at the Cafe Milano restaurant in D.C. The sitting Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Karim MASSIMOV, who was recently arrested for treason, was invited to the dinner as well, alongside Kazakh oligarch Kenes RAKISHEV ‣

December 2: Hunter and Archer, along with their ever-present handler, Eric Schwerin, received real-time White House conference call notes regarding Joe’s upcoming travel to the Ukraine from Blue Star Strategies, whose leaders—Sally Painter and Karen Tramontano—were illegally representing Burisma by not registering as agents of a foreign principal (Burisma) with the DOJ, per the FARA ‣

December 6: Joe’s own staff recommended that he “not … get into naming names or accusing individuals” in response to the potential question, “Do you think ZLOCHEVSKY is corrupt?” ‣

December 8: The New York Times published a story about Hunter and the investigation into Burisma by Ukrainian prosecutors: “The credibility of the vice president’s anticorruption message may have been undermined by the association of his son, Hunter Biden, with one of Ukraine’s largest natural gas companies, Burisma Holdings, and with its owner, Mykola Zlochevsky”

2016February 18: The White House released a statement praising Ukrainian President, Petro POROSHENKO, for firing the Ukrainian prosecutor, Viktor SHOKIN, mere weeks after Joe threatened POROSHENKO by withholding a $1 billion loan guarantee if SHOKIN — who was investigating Burisma at the time — were not fired ‣

May 26: John Flynn, an advisor to the vice president, emailed (ordinarily classified) notes about Joe’s impending phone call with POROSHENKO to Hunter’s business email address

2019April 12 at ≈6:50 PM EDT: An inebriated Hunter dropped off three Apple laptops at The Mac Shop for repair; one laptop was unable to be salvaged, the second needed an external keyboard, which Mac Isaac provided, while the data on the third laptop (Serial #: FVFXC2MMHV29) would be able to be transferred to an external hard drive, which Hunter agreed to provide ‣

April 17 ≈AM: Hunter returned to The Mac Shop with a new Western Digital external hard drive (Serial #: WX21A129ATFF3) on which to transfer the data from the third laptop ‣

April 17 ≈PM: Mac Isaac completed the data recovery (The Mac Shop internal invoice #: 6077) ‣

April 25: Joe announced his candidacy for President of the United States ‣

July 25: President Trump called Ukrainian president Volodymyr ZELENSKYY ‣

September 24: Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA-12) announced the commencement of a presidential impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s call with ZELENSKYY ‣

October 9: Mac Isaac’s father, Richard Stephen (Steve) Mac Isaac, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and retired colonel, was rebuffed and told to “lawyer up” at the FBI’s Albuquerque Field Office after he offered to give an agent at the FBI a copy of the hard drive ‣

November 1: Agent Wilson called Steve Mac Isaac to request contact information for his son ‣

November 21: Agent Wilson and his colleague, Agent Dzielak, went to Mac Isaac’s home and spoke with him in his living room about the laptop. Agent Wilson asked Mac Isaac “if [he] had seen any child pornography on” the Biden Laptop. Afterwards, Agent Dzielak sent John Paul Mac Isaac a text message and requested a “timeline of the events leading up to reaching out to the FBI” ‣

December 9 at ≈9:52 AM EDT: Agent Dzielak asked Mac Isaac for the serial number of the external drive. He responded: “Western digital - my passport for mac S/n WX21A129ATFF3” ‣

December 9 at ≈11:00 AM EDT: Agents Wilson and Dzielak appeared at Mac Isaac’s shop and handed him a subpoena for Hunter’s laptop and the external hard drive that the laptop data had been transferred onto. When leaving, Agent Dzielak told Mac Isaac: “In our experience, nothing ever happens to those that don’t talk about these things.” Mac Isaac was so thrilled that the laptop was leaving his shop that he “didn’t hardly notice the odd instructions or the thinly-veiled threat.” An hour later, Agent Dzielak called Mac Isaac as the agents (inexplicably) needed help accessing the drive, indicating that the drive was never sent to the FBI forensics lab near Quantico, Virginia ‣

December 16: Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY-10) released a report outlining the Democrats’ case for impeaching President Trump, which relied on false information about an interagency “consensus” regarding SHOKIN needing to be removed as Ukraine’s Prosecutor General ‣

December 18: President Trump was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives

2020February 5: President Trump was acquitted on both impeachment counts by the U.S. Senate ‣

February-March: After exasperating rebuffs, Steve Mac Isaac spoke with a staff member for Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) about the laptop situation and the FBI slow-walk; after ignoring Steve for a week, the staff member refused to cooperate with Mac Isaac and did not follow up ‣

May 19 & 21: John Paul Mac Isaac’s uncle, Ron Scott, who was also a retired Air Force colonel, sent a one-page summary email and fax to Judicial Watch about the laptop and included a redacted copy of the subpoena; Scott received no response from Judicial Watch or its president, Tom Fitton ‣

May 29: Scott sent a fax to the office of Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) about the laptop and, again, included a redacted copy of the subpoena; Scott received no response from Sen. Johnson’s office ‣

August 28: Mac Isaac sent Robert “Bob” Costello — an attorney in New York who counted Rudy Giuliani as a client—a copy of the hard drive ‣

September: The IC alerted Facebook in “private meetings” of a “foreign manipulation attempt” involving a “trove of documents” and directed Facebook to “view [the trove] with suspicion” ‣

October 14: The New York Post published a story about an email on the Biden Laptop which proved, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Joe met with Hunter’s foreign business partners, exposing the lie that Joe had “never discussed” Hunter’s “overseas business dealings” ‣

October 19: Former U.S. IC spooks released a “Public Statement on the Hunter Biden Emails” ‣

November 2: Mac Isaac was forced to shut down in-person consultations at his repair shop due to the numerous threats that he received ‣

December 31: Mac Isaac — through his longtime business agent, Lori Wardell — filed papers entitled “Dissolution-Short Form” for The Mac Shop, Inc., thereby closing his repair shop

2021March: Mac Isaac was forced to start a new laptop repair business, Johnny Mac’s, near Denver ‣

April 2: Hunter finally admitted, after six months of repeated denials, that the laptop Mac Isaac repaired “certainly” could be authentic, but that it also could have been “Russian intelligence” ‣

August 30: Obama appointee, Judge Beth Bloom, dismissed Mac Isaac’s defamation case in the S.D. Fla. against Twitter with prejudice, and ordered Mac Isaac to pay Twitter’s legal fees ‣

November 4: The FBI conducted a raid on the homes of two people linked to Project Veritas in an effort to find incriminating evidence about their exposure of Ashley Biden’s diary ‣

November 6: The FBI conducted yet another raid—in the early morning with a battering ram — on the apartment of James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, over Ashley’s diary

2022January 30: The New York Post and Breitbart published stories about a subpoena from the District of Delaware to J.P. Morgan that Marco Polo had received from a whistleblower; the subpoena — for the Bidens’ wire transfers from the Bank of China—was sent on 05/15/2019 [caption id="attachment_133865" align="alignleft" width="447"] Bank of China headquarters in Beijing. / Public Domain[/caption] ‣

February 1: The editorial board of America’s oldest newspaper called for a special counsel to be appointed to investigate Hunter, citing the subpoena that Marco Polo provided to the publication ‣

March 12: Mac Isaac revealed that the IRS and an executive agency in Delaware harassed him ‣

March 16: The New York Times grudgingly admitted that the Biden Laptop was authentic ‣

May 14: Marco Polo launched a keyword-searchable database (, which contained more than 128,000 emails from the abandoned device ‣

June 8: The New York Post reported that Marco Polo had gained access to a back-up file of Hunter’s iPhone XS (Serial #: G0NXF19JKPFY), which was stored on the abandoned laptop After receiving threats for over a month, Mac Isaac released five videos which provided more background; the transcripts of the five videos are in the ENDNOTES section of this Report. The aforementioned subpoena issued by Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware, LesleyWolf, which was signed by Agent Wilson, included the serial number (FVFXC2MMHV29) of the Biden Laptop — which matched the metadata on our copy of its hard drive — along with the serial number (WX21A129ATFF3) of the external hard drive onto which Mac Isaac copied the laptop’s data. As was the case with his longtime business partner and convicted felon, Devon Archer, Hunter graduated from Yale around the same time as Lesley Wolf. Lesley’s husband, Daniel Wolf, just so happens to be a professor at the same school where Joe ran the Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement: the University of Pennsylvania. Lesley’s husband teaches at the medical school. The university, which controlled the funding and budget for the Biden Center, received more than $22 million from anonymous Chinese donors, $15 million of which came in just a two month span from March to May of 2018, thereby repeatedly and blatantly violating 20 USC § 1011f(e). The federal statute does not permit anonymity to foreign donations over a $250k threshold.
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* The voluminous footnotes for 'Report on the Biden Laptop' are available online and with the purchased edition.

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