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FPI / September 9, 2019

Analysis by Sarah Cowgill,

Earlier this month, Defense Secretary Mark Esper agreed to reallocate $3.6 billion from the Pentagon budget for President Trump’s Big Beautiful Border Wall. One might have thought that our dwindling field of Democratic candidates for president would have had all sorts of things to say – dashing from one CNN host to another, then on to Rachel Maddow’s emo-show, squawking about how people aren’t illegal who cross into our country “illegally” er, uninvited.  

Yeah, that didn’t happen.  It was almost as if the Democratic National Committee sent out a memo warning all candidates and the public relations arm of the party, the lamestream media, to zip it when it comes to immigration as the days inch toward the 2020 brouhaha.

But why? Who is looking out for the Dreamers? What about those poor little children separated from their family at the border? And as God is my witness, what about those tragic deaths that occupied hours of facetime for the talking heads? Has anyone heard “The Squad” mention those horrible conditions at our very own Concentration Camps of late? Don’t they care about the humanitarian crisis at the border?

Apparently, they do not. They seem to care only about banning red meat, plastic straws, and airline flights for all but themselves while decimating manufacturing jobs, confiscating guns, and forcing the country into a recession. It’s really no wonder that former Vice President Joe Biden leads the pack: As creepy as he appears, he comes across as the most normal American in the Democratic candidate circus.

And here’s why. Americans are downright angry at the southern border crisis. The lack of immigration enforcement is the biggest issue for the electorate heading into the 2020 election cycle.

The respite from the squeaky radical wheel is brought to you by the good statisticians toiling away under the Harvard/Harris Poll moniker. In a recent wet-finger-in-wind survey of likely voters, the stark truth about an increasing crisis down south resulted in alarming numbers for those politicians on the progressive left.

A random sampling of US voters – Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian et al – was asked which issue will keep them from voting for a presidential candidate in 2020, and “opening our borders to many more immigrants” was the top response.

It’s a whopper of a number – 64%. And it was the top issue with 66% of swing voters, too. Before you ask, among black and Hispanic voters, it was the second most incendiary position, just below increasing taxes to fund social programs.

And those Harvard/Harris stat collectors also discovered voters are nearly universally (85%) opposed to giving illegal aliens the right to vote. San Francisco is one offender of incorporating illegal alien votes in citywide schoolboard elections. Here is where the candidates went mum on immigration: 80% of Democrat voters, 86% of so-called swing voters, 75% of self-identifying as liberal folks, 77% of black Americans, and 73% of Hispanic voters all find this idea damn near offensive.

The Democrat presidential candidates have made few strides in gaining traction against President Trump. Tens of thousands wait hours for the incumbent to don his “Keep America Great” hat and rally the faithful. No other candidate can entice more than a few hundred to show up and talk about free stuff on the trail and, although media outlets cut, paste, and artfully use smoke and mirrors to gin up a decent optic, it doesn’t exist.

The electorate is not fooled by the drastic shift from open borders and Dreamer deals to plastic straws and Vegan-only diets. What the Democrats once perceived – the humanitarian outcry for open borders – was created and inflated by the liberal press. And now they must drastically shift the focus away from immigration.

The incessant caterwauling from the radical left cannot drown out the wishes of the American citizen. At least not this time. And now you know why immigration is suddenly only discussed in conservative circles.  

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