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  • 12/24/2019
FPI / December 24, 2019

Analysis by Graham J Noble,

Christmas is here again. We went through all this just a year ago, but this time it’s different. For millions of Americans, Dec. 25, 2019, will be their last chance to have a truly merry Christmas for many years. Why? Because the millions in question are leftists, and 2020 promises so many bitter disappointments that, by the time next year’s holiday season rolls around, they will be so crushed, so bereft of hope, so numb with pain that not even a free Prius and a year’s supply of abortion coupons will lift their spirits.

The first hit coming their way was the awful realization that Donald J. Trump is still president. Following two party-line votes in the House of Representatives, impeaching the president for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, a mob of lefties took to Twitter to gloat and celebrate. The problem is – and perhaps this can be attributed to Common Core – these geniuses celebrated because Trump was no longer president, or so they believed.

Conservative website PJ Media published just a few of the gleeful tweets posted by people who probably think the three branches of government are federal, state, and local. “So Trump is no longer our president anymore haha am I hearing this correctly,” one person wrote. Other than the obvious, there are so many things wrong with this tweet that one immediately despairs for the very future of civilization.

“Thank you America… Donald Trump is no longer the president. Good decision,” wrote someone who appears to believe that impeachment is something that happens at the ballot box or, perhaps, by calling a hotline or something.

“Me waking up knowing trump is no longer president as of today!! We won the fascists lose!!!” tweeted another, who posted a photo (presumably a “selfie”) of a skinny, pink-haired, androgynous individual who looked remarkably glum, considering the triumphant tone of the tweet. Then again, these lefties – particularly the young ones – are so humorless and self-absorbed, that was probably a joyful grin.

There were plenty more examples of this stunning ignorance (the fact that such people might vote should terrify any rational person), but the point is, these numbskulls will, sometime soon, find out that Trump is, in fact, still the president. Imagine, then, how they will react when the Senate takes up articles of impeachment and acquits Trump. The depth of despair and confusion to which they are likely to sink is nothing short of freakin’ hysterical.

Sometime around the late spring or early summer of 2020, John Durham, the federal prosecutor leading the investigation into the attempted coup of 2016-2017, will reveal his findings. It is not unlikely that Durham by that time will have amassed a collection of unsavory and nefarious activities about which Trump-haters will not want to hear. In the event that indictments are handed down, everyone who scoffs at the idea of a deep state conspiracy against the president is going to be squirming uncomfortably – though, perhaps, that is the only way to squirm. Does anyone squirm comfortably?

In July 2020, the Democratic Party is going to select a candidate to lose to Trump in November. Whoever the nominee, a sizable section of the party’s voting base is going to be disappointed. Then comes the November election and the wailing and gnashing of teeth that will inevitably follow. Before they know it, the lefties will be waking up on Christmas morning 2020 and realizing that this is the first of five more Christmases with Trump in the White House.

So, lefties, make the most of Christmas this year. Be joyous, appreciate your loved ones, and celebrate the birth of that guy with the beard you think never existed. Make this your best Christmas ever because, for you, next year is going to be just the worst.

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