Perry: Fixing to jump all over Obama in 2012

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Gov. Rick Perry officially declared his candidacy for the presidency on Saturday, August 13.

…. And today, August 16, Gov. Perry has an 11% lead over Romney in the polls and a 16% lead over Bachmann.

Let’s face it folks, since Perry announced we’ve had 72 hours of watching him shake hands in the heartland and giving speeches in the Texas dialect. The speeches have been focused on tax cuts, jobs creation, getting government out of the people’s business, and labeling Obama the greatest threat facing our country.

The speeches have also contained a heavy dose of Perry’s love for God and country (two things noticeably absent from the speeches Obama’s been reading off teleprompters since taking office).

Perry connects with Americans because he is an American. By that I mean he is salt-of-the-earth America. He wears boots, wears jeans, says grace before meals, and draws his own pistol to shoot coyotes if they bother his dogs during his morning jog.

Seriously folks: Can you imagine watching Obama or Biden or any number liberal democrats trying to figure out how to load a pistol, much less draw one and shoot? On the other hand, Perry can shoot on the run.

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