Air strikes on Libya? What is your plan, Mr. President?

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A French waplane takes part in military exercises in Bourget. French President Nicolas Sarkozy will propose air strikes on Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's command headquarters to EU leaders, a source close to discussions has told AFP. / AFP/Frederick Florin

From the beginning of the meltdown in the Middle East, the White House has seemed to want to do—or at least say—something meaningful about the situation.  In this endeavor, it has failed abysmally.

Though it has mouthed general platitudes about freedom, the Administration vacillated even when it comes to talking tough.  At times the State Department has walked back White House comments.  Sometimes the White House walks back State remarks.

At no time has the Administration laid out anything resembling a long-range vision for the region or a long-range strategy for nudging the region toward that vision.  As for a strategy for getting ahead of any one particular crisis—say, the battle for Libya—fuhgeddabowdit!

Now come reports that the president wants–and has received –UN Security Council authorization for  airstrikes to save the Libyan rebellion from being rolled by government forces.

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